Doing This Once a Week Will Change Your Hair

Doing This Once a Week Will Change Your Hair

11.18.2016    |    
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My hair stylist Tiffani Patchett (of Suite Caroline) gave me the best hair tip the other day for a weekly bring your hair back to life treatment. When she told me that she had met with the Christophe Robin and that he had given her this tutorial, my interested was of course piqued. I am a die-hard Robin fan and in fact, it’s pretty much the only line I use at the moment, other than Shu Uemura, a little Bumble and bumble and Ouai. She applied this cocktail on my hair, and I’m serious – my hair had not looked this good in forrrever.

Here’s the deal on this once-a-week hair treatment.

In place of shampoo, mix a small amount of the Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt with a small but slightly larger amount of the Cleansing Mask with Lemon. Think 25% to 75% radio . I want to emphasize that you do not need a lot of product because it’s super concentrated. Mix the cocktail together and gently lather (you don’t need to scrub). Work the cocktail through your hair, adding water to continue lathering. Do this for 3-5 minutes and then completely wash the product out.

Next, give yourself a few minutes and apply a hair mask. If your hair tends to be greasier, apply the Wheat Germ Mask on the ends only. You can apply the Rose Water Conditioner (it smells just like you think it would – divine) at the root instead of the Wheat Germ if you don’t tend to have oily hair. You can also just use your own favorite conditioner. Leave on for 5-15, the longer the better! Rinse.

Last up, mist some Sage Vinegar on wet hair and towel dry. This product can get very oily so less is more. Tiffani recommends 2-3 sprays. The vinegar acts as a detangler and brings back the hair’s ph level. Layer any styling products over the top and style as usual.

Try it girls, and let me know what you think!

Pictured, my Glow Girl Alexa.

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