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Gel vs. regular manicure – so what’s the deal? Like everything else in my life (beauty related or not) once I take something to the “next level,” I rarely go back. Take for example my constant replenishment of eyelash extensions, monthly facials (and no less!)…and of course that enviable process of blondification…once you get used to something so good, it is difficult to help yourself from becoming totally addicted. Or is that just me?

I had always been opposed to gel for fear that it would completely ruin my nails. I had heard the horror stories and I just didn’t want to deal with that sort of beauty crisis. BUT last summer my sister convinced me to test it, as she claimed that it actually made her nails thicker and stronger. SO in true beauty girl form, I gave in. What is amazing about gel – I actually prefer shellac – is that you can leave the salon with dry hands and it last beautifully for at least two weeks, and during that time, your nails are straight-up growing – without disruption!

But word to the wise, this is one beauty process that requires a certain method – that I of course invented – to avoid any sort of nail damage. In between your shellac (or gel) manicure, you MUST get two “regular” manicures. This gives the nails a chance to chill and breath, and at the end of that two weeks time, you are ready to go back. Honestly, my nails have never been thicker and stronger.

On my most recent trip to Valley Nails in Soho (which is the best!) I opted for a white ombré gel situation…and then made the last minute – yes somewhat impulsive – decision to add silver Swarovski crystals. It’s light, summery and ethereal…and goes absolutely perfect with summer’s hottest hair accessory – the floral crown!

TIP: Gel manicure, regular, regular, and repeat.

Checkout one of the cutest and most special little flower shops in New York, Flower Girl NYC, where you can buy your very own custom floral crown! Rings by CatBird and Jennifer Meyer.

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