Treat Yourself: The Magical Pre-Party Holistic Facial at Cap Beauty in New York

Treat Yourself: The Magical Pre-Party Holistic Facial at Cap Beauty in New York

05.26.2015    |    
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Sometimes the best part about having a party to go to is the beauty preparation, from taking that relaxing bath or shower to applying that moisturizing facemask before your makeup. Getting ready can be so refreshing, especially if you light a few candles and put on the right playlist. But sometimes getting ready for a big event calls for more than your typical at-home treatment. Sometimes you just need a full-on facial in order to really bring out that glow. I mean, come on…everyone deserves to treat themselves every once and a while, right?

Last week, and JUST in time for Memorial Day, I was lucky enough to try out ‘The Facial’ at CAP BeautyNew York’s newest all natural beauty destination. Their store is part beauty shop, part treatment facility, fusing the two into one super chic brand. Their facial treatment is totally individualized and relies heavily on the power of massage and its ability to bring true radiance to the skin. The day before my treatment, I was sent a whole questionnaire to fill out so the team could get a better idea of my habits. They asked all about my current skincare and makeup routines, about my diet and exercise patterns, and other lifestyle-focused questions. They believe that different skin types call for different treatments and skin-perfecting nutrients, so the facial is completely customized to fit your needs.

I stepped into a cozy and calm grey room, stripped down into my undies, and climbed into a bed with the fluffiest comforter that felt like a cloud. Calm music played as my esthetician (who was also totally certified in Ayurvedic health) cleansed my face, neck, chest and shoulders. The next 60 minutes was total bliss as I received an exfoliating treatment, stimulating massage, and nourishing mask. For practically the entire time, my face was being massaged to stimulate lymphatic drainage, which helps purify, sculpt and transform the skin. I spoke with Cap’s co-owner Cindy Diprima who explained that, “massage promotes oxygenation, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, and it boosts circulation which in turn enhances the absorption and efficacy of the nutrient dense products we use at CAP. With repeated sessions, the health of the skin improves dramatically and a lifted, toned and sculpted muscular structure is revealed. Fine lines are softened and a deep beautiful glow appears. Massage is not only the unsung hero of an effective facial treatment, it is a totally rejuvenating and relaxing experience.” In addition to the massage, I received a cocktail of different oils onto my skin, eye cream and all different kinds of potions before the end of the treatment. I didn’t even need to ask her what she was applying, because she kindly explained that I would receive a detailed email of my treatment later that night – which I did.

I would have to say this was one of the most relaxing and detoxifying facials that I have received since the laser. It’s the perfecting pre-party beauty prep, and would even be good post-party or even after a long weekend filled with too many cocktails. It pushes that annoying extra water weight out of your system and helps makes your skin look awake, alive, and glowing. Afterwards, I looked so refreshed and maybe even younger?? It’s been about a week since the facial and I am still seeing and feeling the effects. Blissed-out beauty? It doesn’t get much better than that! I think that this would also be a great treatment for those who are unfamiliar with earth-friendly skincare and makeup. For those of you looking to greenify your beauty routine, this facial would provide the best inspiration. Now if I could only figure out how to get this treatment once a week…

Above image courtesy of W Magazine. 


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