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OK, so I thought I had seen it all when I met my current hair savior and top shelf honoree, Oribe Hair Texturizer. For me, it’s one of those products that would fall under my top five items to bring when stranded on a deserted island. Its multifunction capabilities never let me down and had me thinking that nothing was ever going to compare – which is why I was shocked to discover that my good ol’ Oribe might have found its match. Wait, what?!

My friend Sam, who I must say is stunningly beautiful, talented and “in the know” when it comes to hair and beauty trends, recently left her post at Alexis Bittar to join Bumble and bumble as their Director of Global Communications and Fashion Relations. Congrats Sam! She so kindly invited me down to The House of Bumble for a little tour and sneak peek into their new and yet to be released products. As expected, my visit was incredible. More on Sam and The House of Bumble coming soon!

Today, I am super excited to share my latest beauty discovery, Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish, the newest addition to the Bb. Thickening Collection, (launching in July). This gem of a product is everything that a classic dry shampoo aims to be but so much more. In fact, there’s no comparison. Thickening Dryspun Finish is a translucent dry spray that spins hair into an airy silhouette, adding volume and sexiness to literally every hairstyle.  

I was so excited by the product’s features I decided to get more info. Savy Bb. stylist Sabrina Michals (pictured above, and loving her eyeliner!) gave me the low-down.

Annie: “So, what are the benefits of this fabulous new Bb. creation?”

Sabrina: “Dryspun creates instant fullness and texture. It is the ultimate finishing spray. It gives light and flexible hold and helps dry hair respond to heat tools, giving grip for easier styling and workability.”

Annie: “How is Dryspun different from a classic dry shampoo?

Sabrina: “It’s not quite as matte as a dry shampoo would be. Dry shampoo is literally a powder that soaks up oil and therefore has elements of heaviness because of that powder, where as this is a little bit lighter yet still gives major texture and volume. After applying Dryspun, your hair isn’t heavy from the buildup. Formulated for use on dry hair, the raw silk powders make hair look and feel weightless and effortlessly full. The brilliance of this product is that it can be used like a dry shampoo to extend your wash, but it is so much for than that. It’s a finishing spray. It’s a texturizer. It gives instant volume. When you apply the spray to super flat hair, it gives the immediate appearance of a full head of hair.”

Annie: “How do you apply Dry Spun?”

Sabrina: “In terms of application, use your fingers to take the ends of your hair and let it ‘waterfall’ out of your hands holding the product about 10 inches away from your hair, spray in fluid, even strokes.  You can even flip your head upside-down and spray the product everywhere, giving your hair a perfect finish. When using with heat tools, separate hair into sections and mist each just prior to contact. To finish, apply evenly to dry and styled hair and build as many layers as you need.”

SO I am totally hooked. You should be too. Sorry Dry Shampoo.

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