Liquid vs. Powder Makeup

Liquid vs. Powder Makeup

04.26.2013    |    
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Bestie Bridget Helene, a former YSL PR Doll  is now on her own and k-k-k-k-killing it on camera with a new VFiles fashion haul series, cameo’s on the hilarious The Model Files and a little hosting action as well. On camera, requires that perfect glowy skin and while one would assume that she cake on her makeup before she hears “action,” her technique proves to be quite the opposite. Bridget shared with me a tip that might be my FAVORITE yet. She explains that she only uses liquid and loose products on her face and has ditched the compact and compressed bronzers, powders and mattifying products that I once believed that I would die without. I think we all have had at one point in our lives a serious addiction to bronzer…but I am ready to give it up if it means that my skin will glow quite like Bridget’s. Its actually insane.

I got the low-down on Bridget’s typical pre-camera beauty routine, start to finish. “I prime my face with one of my new favorite products, Whip Hand Primer. Then I mix Mac foundation, (I like their face and body foundation the best bc it’s the sheerest), with with a dab of Mac Strobe Cream. I mix them on my hand to get a sense of what the color will be on my face. Next, I dampen my little pink sponge with Mac Fix and apply, I try to dab opposed to stroke. Next is Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (applied the Nars way aka with my finger) followed by the classic Nars Multiple in Luxor. I slide the multiple down my nose as well as along my brow and cheek bones. Followed by Too Faced Pure Bronzer, which is a LOOSE mineral bronzer with fresh water pearls. I NEVER apply this with a blush brush, it would be crazy heavy. Instead, I use a light weight application brush, which is used to create soft layers and textures. I am always changing up my eye products, to create fresh looks, but today I am using Nars Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner in the navy shade and Nars Volumizing Mascara. Today I used Mac Lip Glass for a super natural yet high impact clean effect.

Oh, and Mac Fix is a must own product, especially if your skin is dry like mine. It can also be a life saver if you do, accidentally, use too much foundation, powder etc. It literally “fixes” that. In my routine, Mac Fix is used two fold. First, I put it on after my moisturizer while my face is still clean (this creates the dewy skin look), and then I carry it in my purse and spray it over my face hours later and BOOM my makeup is new again. When you use the refreshing technique you want to make sure you use enough or it does nothing. Trick is, if you don’t look and feel fresh faced, you did not use enough. A thin, even layer is what you are going for. I have tried to refresh a few of my girlfriends and they panic at the idea of their foundation running or coming off, but trust me, it freshens your face in the best way possible.

Tip: for my bronzer obsessed…you could mix in your foundation or lotion, a liquid bronzer for an extra boost of color.”

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