Miracle Glow Balms: The Next Generation for Icy Glowing Skin
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Miracle Glow Balms: The Next Generation for Icy Glowing Skin

12.11.2014    |    
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Worried about dry, dehydrated skin? Whether you’ve had too much sun or you’re suffering the effects of the winter chill, the world of beauty has invented a mighty and multi-tasking miracle product: THE BALM. Otherwise known to me as “the bomb balm.” Packed with rich healing ingredients and even antiseptics that soften and protect skin, they are sure to become your new best friend this season. Keep ‘em in your bag, at your desk and on your bedside table for instant skin, lip, heel, hand, cuticle and even hair heeling and moisturizing. I like my balms rich but also quick adsorbing, so the product doesn’t get everywhere (especially if I’m caught on the go). Also, if you keep your skin supple…you are less likely to dry up like a prune and age!

Looking for a little added glow around the eyes, lids, and even lips? A balm is your answer. Dry cuticles? Lips burning from wind, sun and coldness? Balm is the answer. Split ends? You get the point. I am sure you have heard of the, Clarins “The Flash” Balm or of course the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. But there is a brand spanking new set of balms you should know about that are packed with a whole new set of benefits.

These are my ultimate favorites. And remember girls, this winter you should never leave home without them.

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Multi-Miracle Glow’ Cleanser, Mask & Balm for Baby Soft Skin – “I call this my body-of-an-angel balm,” says Charlotte Tilbury of her SOS treatment that became a cult hit backstage. Pop it on your skin before you go to bed, and you will wake up with beautiful, glowing skin. It’s also a 14-hour SOS balm, meaning you can apply on your hands, arms or even legs, giving a long lasting J. Lo glow, before a night out. You can even use it on your décolletage for supple skin. Enriched with firming and nourishing Vitamins A, C and E as well as regenerating Rose Hip and Camellia oils, this multi-tasking serum formula can also be used as a wrinkle-defying cleanser. The uses are basically endless.

Elemental Herbology Multi-Purpose Tree of Life Balm – My obsession! This is the ultimate multi-purpose balm, rich in the Buriti ‘Tree-of-Life’ Oil and renowned for its high levels of Essential Fatty Acids. This luscious balm helps to intensively moisturize and soothe dry and inflamed skin and is ideal for stretch marks and chapped lips, hands, feet and everything in between. I fall asleep with it every night.

Christophe Robin Balm with Rare Prickly Pear Oil – The cool kid on the French block. This comforting balm is composed of 99% natural butters and plant oils with nourishing, repairing and protecting virtues. It can be used on the hair, body, lips, hands and feet and is even something your boyfriend would like.

Earth Tu Face Immortelle + Rose Face Balm – Free from toxins and synthetic compounds, this formula is packed with redness-reducing Rose Absolute, tissue regenerating properties from the evergreen shrub Immortelle, as well as healing beeswax to lock in essential moisture. The texture is what I love about this product, and I really like to smooth it on my neck and chest, especially at night before bed.

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