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Shopping for makeup and beauty products at the drugstore is one of my favorite hobbies. I swear, I go in for one little lipstick, and it turns into a forty-five minute treasure hunt. I will admit that I am not as knowledgeable when it comes to mass market beauty brands, but I am quickly learning! My friend Taylor is an expert when it comes to drugstore beauty and she has shared with me some of her favorite finds, which are now staples in my own beauty bag. The latest gem that Taylor introduced to me are the adorably addictive Maybelline Baby Lips moisturizing lip balms. These babies are candy to my lips, and I cant get enough of them! Each delightful little flavor is packed with SPF 20 and promises eight hour hydration. Who doesn’t want juicier younger more hydrated looking lips? Right?

There is something for everyone in this cute little collection. My current fav is Pink Punch, a bright and happy balm that provides full-bodied color in a highly pigmented and super moisturizing formula. This baby isn’t sheer, and looks really cute with bright pink nails. Quenched and Peppermint are staples in my bottomless pit of a handbag, and major go-to’s for all hours of the day. Cherry Me is that perfect red and utterly chic. Well, I decided I would splurge, So I went out and bought them all.

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