SITG Review: The French Body Balm

SITG Review: The French Body Balm

03.21.2017    |    
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The older I get (ugh shuttering at the statement), the more I become obsessed with soft skin. I used to treat body lotions and oils like an afterthought and only truly moisturized head to toe if I had the time. Now I take care of the skin on my body in the same way I take care of my face.

As a result, I am often find myself searching for the perfect clean lotion. While oils are the perfect post-bath or bedtime routine, a nice moisturizing balm is something that can just be lathered on any old time. So it’s a bedside table must.

Finally, after years and years of searching, I found one. Avene’s Xeracalm A.D Balm is the BOMB. It’s specifically made for itchiness and dry skin, which makes it super soothing and hydrating. It’s really easy to find too.

The French patented formula replaces the lipids in your skin, which in turn gives your skin a perfectly plumped appearance. It also hardcore reduces dryness and itching. Plus, it’s not greasy so you can apply it and get dressed almost immediately after.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. See for yourself.

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