The Most Aggressive yet Satisfying Facial I've Ever Received
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The Most Aggressive yet Satisfying Facial I've Ever Received

03.28.2016    |    
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Not too long ago, I found myself in London for a quick 48-hour trip. I hadn’t been to the UK for a while, and research called. I had one mission and one mission only: to visit Alexandra Soveral, the humble yet highly regarded facialist that often holds pop up clinics in New York and LA. She was actually recommended by a beauty staffer/ friend at Vogue UK, so I had reason to trust her vital recommendation. If this wasn’t enough, Alexandra’s extensive waiting list, mysterious aura and highly regarded global skincare line proved that she is anything but average. 

When Alexandra was only 17, she moved from Portugal to London and enrolled in Philosophy of Science at London’s Metropolitan University with a focus on genetic engineering and biochemistry. Boom! And if that wasn’t enough, she spent a few more years studying chemistry and aromatherapy (otherwise known as the chemistry of essential oils).

Today, Alexandra and her partner have created a white, warm and incredibly cozy haven in London’s Paddington neighborhood. There is no outwardly evidence at all that suggests inside awaits her magical and healing hands – the same hands that blend her eponymous skincare line. Her products are all natural and made from raw ingredients that are organically produced; many even come from her family’s farm back in Portugal!

Upon speaking with Alexandra, I was immediately at ease. The tiny space felt equal parts chemist’s lab, equal parts facial clinic. Everything is white, and the bottles upon bottles of oils and serums popped against the whitewashed walls. In the beginning, we spoke at only a whisper, because, as she explained, a writer from the New York Times was receiving a treatment in the next room. “Ouai!” I thought to myself.

Now let me discuss the facial, which was by far the most aggressive I’ve ever had. We talked a bit in the beginning, but then it was impossible because she worked so hard on my face, neck and cheeks that speaking was impossible. She massaged and drained and moved her hands all over my face and neck methodically. She especially focused on painful pressure points, pressing so hard on them that I squirmed! The most painful was this spot right below my eyebrow, near the bridge of my nose. I could literally feel the lymph draining as her fingers worked their magic. The hallmark of the entire experience was the two marble wands that she used to massage my face. The painful technique worked to contour, tone and rid the face of the excess water weight that accumulates from alcohol, salt intake and pollution.

There wasn’t anything frilly about Alexandra’s facial. It’s designed so that the results speak for themselves, and boy did they. The puffiness from my wine consumption and my flight earlier that day was relived. My face was skinnier and revived. My complexion was naturally contoured. I looked… younger! I also really love the skincare products that she send me home with. I am sure you have heard of her Angel Balm, which is basically one of the best cleansers ever, but you can also shop my favorites below and on Net-A-Porter (who has picked up her whole line).

In the next installment of my two part series on Alexandra Soveral, I’m going to share the details about a specific treatment technique she used during my facial. It’s something you can do at home that I’ll admit seems a little weird at first, but surprisingly makes a huge difference. Hint: It involves crystals. Get ready for the best glowing secret of the year, girls.

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