How Switzerland Has Changed My Skincare Routine 

How Switzerland Has Changed My Skincare Routine 

03.10.2017    |    
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I found it no surprise at all that in Switzerland, skincare is the priority and makeup is practical, modern and minimalist. Natural and clean products are at the heart of the minimal movement and simplified beauty routines and multi-functioning products meet the demands of Switzerland’s classic, chic and low maintenance driven vibe.

Since moving here only a few months ago, I’ve felt inspired to switch things up in my beauty routine…a little less makeup and a little more skincare. I’ve been lucky enough to spend the past few weekends up in St. Moritz, where I took in the crisp mountain air and channeled my inner athlete. The whole experience made me want to bring the invigorating freshness of the mountain air to my everyday regiment. The air in the Alps (and even here in Zurich) is just better — when you breathe you can really feel your lungs expand. The air is of course dryer here than it was in New York, so in adjusting my skincare routine, I have been trying to keep things extra hydrated. I have also become re-obsessed with oils — I’m talking essential oils to be more precise. If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories than you have seen how next level my oil addiction has become. It’s kinda out of control.

Ok…so in order to bring some of this alpine magic into my regular routine, I added these stellar products to my beauty line-up. And the results have been excellent. Whether you’re living in a chilly climate or simply want to add a little Swissness to your own skincare, here’s what I suggest trying out:

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist – Spritz all over your face and neck, all day, every day.

Und Gretel Pressed Powder – Organic, cute and compact, this puppy now travels with me wherever I go. It’s the perfect balance to RMS Living Luminizer. I am now using both of these every day, duh.

Susanne Kaufmann Enzympeeling Enzyme Peel – She’s like the Tata Harper of Europe and this product revives my skin. My girls at Beauty Care turned me onto this line…

Pommade Divine Nature’s Remedy Balm – Ultimately best to use on chapped lips, cuticles, cracked heels and dry patches of skin or problems with skin like eczema, psoriasis and even minor skincare injuries like bruises, cut and burns.

Skin Design London Alpine Rose Glow Illuminating Treatment The Cult Créme – This is a new line for me, and this cream is the B.O.M.B. I bought at Wheaton in Berlin.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum – An oldie but a goodie. Most of my friends agree that this is the oil to end all other oils.

Rodin Lip Balm – Nobody does packaging quite like Rodin, and this balm gives off the perfect pouty pink.

* Obsession alert: I am adddicted to these Young Living oils and you can buy them here. I got involved in the line thanks to my sister Kate and my since forever friend Taylor. I mix a few drop of these three and combine them with my moisturizer for the best. skin. ever. LMK if you have any questions…I am working on an essential oil story now…

Young Living Geranium, Frankincense and Lavender

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