Are we over mascara? 3 Alternative treatments

Are we over mascara? 3 Alternative treatments

11.30.2016    |    
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Seriously. We might be. I am a self-confessed former lash extension addict and it’s wild looking back at pictures of myself with lashes that nearly touched my eyebrows. At the time, I thought I looked amaaaaazing, but looking back, I just looked older. I had a friend text me recently and asked me if I’d tried Yumi lashes yet. Her reasoning for exploring the treatment was that she was simply over mascara, and I have to agree. I totally get mascara for the evening or on special occasions, but for the day, I suggest skipping the product altogether. Thoughts?

Back to Yumi, it is basically a keratin treatment/perm/ dye job for your lashes. You are not attaching anything to your lashes, but you are lifting them so that they appear much fuller and curled. This is something that I plan to try ASAP. [UPDATE! I DID try Yumi, after reading this article, and it was beyond disappointed. I do not recommend].

In the meantime, I am addicted to tinting my lashes and to lash (and brow) serums. My three favorites are listed below. One caveat: these treatments work really well until you stop using them. Then you lashes go back to where they were before using them. Not a fan of this reality? Tinting your lashes is also a great trick for those of you who like the fuller, yet natural lash look. I tint mine every three to four weeks or so. On days when i just need a little something something, I’ll use MAC’s False Lashes right at the base of my lashes – not extending the color out – just to darken the area around my eyes a bit.

If you are over mascara too, try one of these elongating lash serums:

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner


Grande Lash

Image, Bella Hadid by David Roemer for Exit No.32 2.

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  • Keira W

    i could NEVER be over mascara, Its a must have for me Xxx

    • anabel_atkinson

      I know so many people feel the same way you do! You should def try some of these serums along with your mascara too!

  • suneelmaurya27

    Nice post, Lovely to read about mascara tips…

    • anabel_atkinson

      Thank you for reading!

  • That pic of Bella <3

    Lisa |

    • anabel_atkinson

      I know, she’s so stunning, right?!

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  • Caroline Thompson

    Definitely over mascara — i have heard – as far make up goes, the ink is the #1 cause for eye wrinkles! Eek! Annabel, who would you recommend in NYC for tinting? Love your blog ! <3

  • Naomi from the Philippines

    Why do you need to use false eyelashes when you can grow your eyelashes naturally?

    Try Xlash Eyelash Serum 3 ml for only $49. You can check it our here It’s only $49. I used it for 4 weeks then I started to notice it’s effect just even after 2 weeks. After 6 weeks of using it, my eyelash is still getting longer and stronger.

    Try it now and never use fake eyelashes again!

  • maurice

    Honestly, sometimes i think the mistake people make with fake lashes is getting the wrong person to apply them. Being a professional at lash and microblading, I think putting on the right size of lash is the most important thing and the client should test and test until they find a look they are happy with.

    Too many make-up artists are in a rush to get you out the door and not focusing on making the client happy. How about an article on microblading? See my site for info on it and I can help you with any questions you may have:

    Just make sure you recommend they find a good person to do it! 😉

    Keep up the good work