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I have just returned home from my latest adventure in the beautiful city of Zurich. I arrived there after spending four days in Rome, and embarrassingly enough, my bag was about the size of a small studio apartment. Aside from the clothes, shoes and accessories, I packed everything in my beauty kits, from my entire skincare routine, clean program shakes, my vitamins (duh), and of course, masks.

I realized that when people travel, they remember their makeup, their skincare, and usually their hair products, but they don’t remember those life-saving essentials that actually might be more relevant while on vacation than in their every day life.

When you travel, you are exposed to all different kinds of environmental changes that affect your skin—what you eat and drink, where you sleep and even the water you shower in. Does anyone else notice that they break out while away? Who wants bad skin, when they’re with friends and family taking pictures and creating new and amazing memories.

So here are the five – sometimes forgotten – beauty essentials that you should never EVER leave home without.

1. Face & Eye Mask – I’ll find time for a little mask action every night! Not kidding. Travel with something convenient like the one time use masks from SK-II. Yes, yes, they are pricy, but they really work and are packed with intense serums to give you healthy, moisturized and glowy skin. Dr. Jart+’s version is the BOMB as well, and was even used backstage over this season’s Fashion Week. Both beautifully prep your skin for foundation, so I suggest using them before heading to dinner, as opposed to before bed.

Want to sleep in your mask? Look no further than (again) good ole’ Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Sleeping Mask to rehydrate and plump your skin. On nights when you plan for something more low-key, use something gentle, yet hydrating like Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. This all-natural gem is great to use practically every day as it works like a traditional peel to provide an instant solution for dull skin without causing irritation. When you skin flips out, feels bumpy or even breaks out, come prepared with SkinCeuticals Clay Mask. This leaves your skin tight, lifted and will get rid of any of those pesky blemishes. I also love this mask before nights out. You will look at yourself in pictures and think you’ve never looked better.

We’ve all heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so protect that super delicate skin around your eyes with a mask geared towards firming, collagen building, hydration and lifting. I love SK-II. Just get it.

2. Blemish Banish – It goes without saying that your skin can sometimes do unexpected things while away from home. My two favorite acne removing MIRACLE products are Eve Lom Dynaspot and End Zit (recommended and sold by my facialist, Dangene). I swear, they both work and you need them now.

3. Eye Drops – After a long day site seeing, chilling at the beach or day drinking, your eyes might be a little red or tired. Get those whites even whiter before dinner that night with eye drops by Rohto. Read more about how not to look tired, here.

4. Mist – I feel like that dry, gross airplane air just doesn’t vibe with my goal to get flawless, glowing skin. Counteract your “airplane skin” with the latest in toning mists. I can’t get enough of Tata Harper’s Floral Essence Spray, and lucky for me, she just released a new limited edition Rose Essence Spray for spring that is the BOMB. I love the travel sized version that I can spritz en flight.

5. Sunscreen – Hello, we can’t forget protection! My current favorite for the face is SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50. This version is great if you are looking for something tinted, composed of color-infused technology that enhances natural skin tone and boosts daily radiance. This was recommended by Talya who works at Dangene’s.  La Mer Reparative Face Sun Lotion SPF 30 is another fabulous option, recommended by my friend Krissy. I know its pricey, but I’ve been using it for years, because it sinks right into the skin and feels more like a lotion than a sunscreen. It’s cool because it offers powerful anti-aging benefits to help repair the appearance of existing damage and prevents the formation of new lines and wrinkles – at the same time. You forget you’re wearing it! And I just couldn’t not mention my latest fav by Hampton Sun. Their Gel SPF 15 is the obvious choice for the chest, neck, legs and arms. Read more about my love for Hampton Sun, here.

Bon voyage!

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