Tom Ford Summer Amazingness

Tom Ford Summer Amazingness

04.25.2014    |    
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So, here is why you need Tom Ford’s Limited Edition Summer Beauty Collection:

I recently took a mini vaca down to Miami, and of course I stuffed my makeup bag with far too many options. I’m the world’s worst packer. I never plan ahead, so I end up falling into the trap of a ‘more is more’ strategy. I mean, it’s better than forgetting something, right?

Anyway, I made sure to bring along a few of the latest Tom Ford pieces because it’s always fun to play around with new colors while away. I packed the Eye & Cheek Compact, The Lip Shimmers in Solar Gold and Moonlight and the (re-launched) Skin Illuminator in Fire Dust. And I’m SO glad I did.

You know I live for liquid products and this bronze Skin Illuminator is simply perfect. It was actually inspired by the look of skin bathed in summer evening light – right up my alley. The peachy-pink shade is super flatting and the uses are endless. I mix a drop in with my foundation for an all-over luminous glow. It can also be used as a highlighter under or over makeup, or mixed in with your favorite body lotion and applied to your chest, neck and shoulders.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have never gotten into compacts. I feel like they are usually comprised of “filler” shades that you never really use, and there might be one or maybe two colors out of the whole group that you end up using. Then you end up with just a small square of the color that you actually like and you have to lug that heavy thing around. Tom Ford Eye & Cheek Compact is changing my mind and is simply a winner. I whipped it out the first night when applying my makeup before dinner. Using my ring finger, I applied the beige shade over my entire eyelid. Then, I applied the glittery shade from lash to crease, extending out and blending closer to the temples. Lastly, using a flat eyeliner brush (I use Hourglass Angled Flat Liner Brush), I swiped the indigo shade across the lash line and extended it beyond the eye, slightly upwards, creating a straight and flat cat eye. It looked stunning and totally made my green eyes P.O.P.

Since I was in Miami, I figured I might as well try something special and go slightly J. Lo with my glow. I decided that it was time to pack on the bronzer. On top of my Skin Illuminator / foundation mix, I contoured using my favorite  RMS Buriti Bronzer. I topped that off with the Tom Ford Compact bronzer on my forehead, blending under my cheekbones and down my neck (using my Hourglass Powder Brush). Lastly, I applied the blush, which I LOVE. Normally, I’m all about a cream based blush, but when you are in the heat, you don’t want to apply too many liquid or cream products, because you will start to look greasy. I applied the blush (just a little) to the apple of my cheeks for a slight pop of color. The coral shimmer is simply stunning.

Last but not least, I whipped out the Lip Shimmers. I wouldn’t really use these colors alone. To me, they are more like highlighters, and boy I applied them everywhere: the bridge of my nose, in the C shape outside my eyes, above and below my eyebrows, collarbones, Cupid’s bow and especially over my lipstick or gloss as more of a highlighter. They smell like vanilla and the rounded shape makes them perfect for on-the-go glow. I personally like the gold better, opting for my good ole’ RMS Living Luminizer when is comes to the silvery shades.

No matter the look you’re going for, you simply must try out this collection for this summer.

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