Things To Try This Weekend: The Reverse Purple Smokey Eye
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Things To Try This Weekend: The Reverse Purple Smokey Eye

04.29.2016    |    
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Changing up your wardrobe for spring doesn’t just mean swapping your winter coats for whimsical sun dresses. It also means branching out in the beauty department, especially when it comes to makeup. Instead of simply brightening your lipstick shade as the temperatures rise, why not play around with one beauty trend we all thought fizzled out in the 80s… eye shadow! 

Experimenting with eye shadow is a great way to highlight the windows to the soul both day and night with a little layering and texture. The best shade to try for spring? Two words: think pink purple. The soft, yet cheery shade is equal parts feminine and fun and surprisingly goes with just about anything.

Don’t believe me? Here’s how to achieve a non-cheesy, certainly un-80s eye shadow look—the reverse purple smoky eye. Perfectly modern and totally chic, the style makes the eyes gracefully pop, no matter their color or shape. It also works for day and night. Try it out for a casual afternoon picnic and give it a little touch up before heading out for drinks. And viola!

See below for the simple how-to and say hello to your new warm weather weekend vibe.

Step 1: Prep

Use a primer or eye shadow base to prep the eye area. This will help keep the color in place. NARS Sudge Proof Eyeshadow Base is a great one.

Step 2: Apply Shadow

Using an eye shadow brush (like Artis Oval 3 Brush), apply the shimmery shadow to the under eye area, starting from the middle of the eye and extending outward. The sweeping motion is similar to the one you’d use to apply a cat eye. Layer until you’ve achieved the preferred color intensity. To get the same fairytale-like shade from the photos, try RMS Cream Eye Polish in Imagine.

Step 3: Add Light Shimmer

To give the look a nice glow, apply RMS Living Luminizer or your favorite highlighter to the corners of the eye, on the upper eyelid and even on top of the purple shadow.

Step 4: Finish With Mascara

Forgo eyeliner to keep the shadow look modern and fresh. To finish, apply two coats of mascara. I like the classic Diorshow in black for drama or W3ll People Expressionist Mascara for something subtle if your lashes are already dark.

Story by Lexi Tollefsen.

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