SITG Review: The Best Facial Exfoliator

SITG Review: The Best Facial Exfoliator

03.06.2017    |    
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For whatever reason I kinda got off the weekly (or bi-weekly) at-home facial exfoliation train. I got really into it last May when I visited Japan and learned about how the Geisha women practice exfoliation as if it’s their religion. But in 2017, I seem to have forgotten.

While unpacking my daunting supply of beauty products here in Zurich, I stumbled upon this little gem: Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder. It comes in the handy little jar with a little perforation, so you can easily pour the formula right onto your hand. Basically it’s a water-activated powder exfoliant and cleanser made of rice bran, papaya and meant to restore skin’s natural gleam.

All you do is pour a little into the palm of your hand and add just a bit of water to mix it into a white paste. Run this on your face for about 10 seconds. I even like to leave it on my face for a minute or so to get an extra kick before washing it off.

I used it the other day and was like WOAH. My skin was soooo soft and felt like how it does after I get one of those super exfoliating facials. Get this one girls, it’s a good one.

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