How to Never Look Tired Again: Onomie Eye Treatment/ Concealers

How to Never Look Tired Again: Onomie Eye Treatment/ Concealers

05.20.2015    |    
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There’s a new brand on the block that’s all about simple beauty. Created for women who recognize beauty should not be frustrating or complicated, Onomie (as in tax-ONOMY) simplifies the beauty routine with products that deliver maximum results. I am really feeling this! The brand was founded by Kal Vepuri, the investor behind Harry’s, Warby Parker and Reformation, and Lauren Hoffman, product developer at Kiehls.

Onomie was launched with two eye products, both are makeup and skincare hybrids. I spoke with Lauren (who was a sweet as could be!) and she explained the inspiration behind the products: “We chose to launch with two eye products as a result of over one hundred interviews with women across a wide age range. The most common beauty complaint was around looking and feeling tired, primarily as a result of dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. The starting point was a no-brainer for us.” SO basically, the line was developed to reverse the effects of aging and to help us look LESS TIRED.

She also explained how heavily tested their products are: “Onomie clinically tests its products to validate for our customers that this is not a ‘sprinkling’ of skincare ingredients. Our formulas are designed to work like skincare despite it also looking and performing like makeup. Most companies don’t clinically test their products, because they are selling a story or concept that sounds credible, but wouldn’t hold up if they clinically tested the performance. Skincare infused makeup is a story that has been told before, but they don’t show you how and to what extent the product improves skin.”  She showed me the results of the week and month long trials of the two products, and it’s crazy how these products REALLY work brighten and tone the eye area, as well as remove fine lines and discoloration.

The A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment comes in two shades and is meant to go in that half-moon delicate area surrounding your eye. It’s made with 10% vitamin C, so it’s super regenerating. The Bright Concealing Elixir clinically brightens and helps to combat dark circles. Both products work effectively to deliver both beauty and wellness results, giving you a fresher look the healthy way. They truly are unlike anything else out there because of the level of highly effective skincare actives that work to deliver results. The brand also makes it super easy for you to give the products a try to see if they work for you. Onomie adopted the super convenient Harry’s trial method. Samples are shipped directly to you, and if you choose to buy the products, the sample cost is deducted from the price of the product. Super easy, right?


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