Ohne Titel Spring 2014

Ohne Titel Spring 2014

10.04.2013    |    
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The models at the Ohne Titel Spring 2014 show looked like futuristic glow-worms. Cool, right? The emphasis here was on the blush – or overblush rather – proving that this cheeky trend is not only here to stay, but has an even stronger presence next season. The color extended from the cheeks up to above the eyes and into the shadow. The opalescent skintone was particularly striking, and you know I love a good glow. The lashes were bare, only combed through with clear mascara. Note: when it comes to lashes this season, it’s either super intense, Twiggy style or totally clean. This pearly opalescence look is one you need to try.

Want the look?! Obviously, you do. GET. IT. NOW.

FACE MAC Strobe Cream was mixed with a creamy natural foundation texture chosen in a shade or two paler than the actual skintone for a lighter feel. It was applied first through the center of the face, then blended outwards for a futuristic feel. Luna Cream color base was then blended down the bridge of nose and bow of lip to highlight. Dual jewelsparkle shadow (available spring/summer 2014) was blended over the upper cheekbones for a jewel-toned highlight and duo-chrome effect.

EYES MAC luna Cream color base was blended over the eyes as a base with an emphasis over the eyelid and through the inner corner of the eye to highlight. Dual jewelsparkle shadow (available spring/summer 2014) was applied with a synthetic brush through the crease for a prominent contour, then blended to perfection while keeping the shape distinct. Clear brow set was used to comb through the lashes to lightly define and groom.

LIPS MAC concealer was swept over nourished lips to tone down any natural color. Luna Cream color base was then lightly patted over lips to finish.

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