Meditation 101: A Simple Breathing Technique to Help you Survive High Stress

Meditation 101: A Simple Breathing Technique to Help you Survive High Stress

02.11.2015    |    
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Did you know that we are prettier when we are relaxed? It’s true. Achieving a state of peace helps prevent many unwanted beauty nightmares, like wrinkles, under eye circles and skin dullness. But I totally get it, finding the time to get to yoga class or even sit in meditation for a few minutes can be challenging when we’re juggling busy schedules or simply don’t want to brave the cold. Although it might seem like a minor inconvenience, making time for yourself is a must and can help you achieve both inner and outer beauty.

Meditation has been on fire in the social media world, with girls like Gisele posting contemplative poses, inspiring me to try it out myself. Considering the fact that New York Fashion Week starts this week, this technique might just be your saving grace. Why not activate your own inner peace and your inner beauty in under 5 minutes? Here, New York City based Spiritual Mentor, Jennifer Kass, walks us through her favorite breath work meditation. This is something that I have started to practice myself when I’m feeling a little stressed or stuck in a moment of negativity, and no joke, it has become one of my favorite and most effective ways to find peace.

1. Sit comfortably cross-legged on a flat surface or on a chair with your back straight. The important factor is to maintain an aligned posture and to be at ease. Try to eliminate all stiffness in your body.

2. Place your right hand on your stomach and your left hand on your heart.

3. Close your mouth and breath in slowly through your nose. Slowly inhale deeply counting to five seconds, and then hold your breath for five seconds. You are not trying to deprive your body of oxygen, but need to allow a few seconds for the air to fill your lungs. Concentrate on your belly and notice how it moves when you inhale deeply.

4. Open your mouth slightly and slowly exhale for five counts. With every breath, feel the love that surrounds you. And feel that love within you as you send it to your body.

5. Repeat five times or for as long as you can. The breath work helps quiet your mind, calms the nervous system, and allows your loving intentions bring you peace and happiness. For more tips on how to be happier (and more beautiful), read my guide here.

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