SITG Review: The Best Organic (Illuminating) Serum

SITG Review: The Best Organic (Illuminating) Serum

03.03.2017    |    
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Are you using a serum? If the answer is, ‘wait, what is a serum?’ you should probably be reading my blog a little more religiously 😉

Simplified, a serum is that step in between your toner or facial essence and your moisturizer. It’s probably the most expensive product in your routine, too, because it’s what contains the super concentrated ingredients that are going to fight a host of issues like sun spots, pigmentation, fine lines, discoloration, sagging, well…you name it. There are even serums to project against pollution.

While there are so sooo many to choose from out there, the question of course becomes, which serum is best for you?

Maya Chia just landed 2 new serums and, upon first try, I immediately replaced what I was using before in favor of these two. The line is called the Highlight of the Day, which I really love because it’s super multi-tasking and does exactly what it claims. It’s an illuminator and a serum in one. There are two different shades to choose from. I have both, the pink hue and the golden hue and I switch them up whenever I feel necessary. Here’s the scoop on both…

The happy hour — imparts a cool-toned pink radiance – as if you are radiating with joy.

The golden hour — imparts a warm, golden, champagne-like radiance – as if you are lit by candlelight.

Both are super lightweight, easily absorbed and infused with the world’s most nutrient-rick botanicals.

Some directions: First, shake it up. Then, apply a few drops of the serum on areas you’d like to accentuate with a glow. You can use it solo or in tandem with your makeup. I like to mix it with my makeup primer at night and with my tinted moisturizer during the day. Pretty simple, right?

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