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For one of my latest collaborations with Refinery 29 I decided to talk about one of the most important beauty products that is a staple on every girl’s top shelf. Mascara.

“I am the proud owner of a damn good set of lashes. Before you roll your eyes at my semi-vain remark, I must admit that I can’t take full credit. I don’t have these lashes due to good genes or a small fortune, but a handful of products that seriously work. I tried ‘em all (so that you don’t have to), and am about to serve you this beauty knowledge on a silver platter.

These are the top products that’ll give you the lashes of your dreams. Go on, bat those eyes.”

1. Tarte’s Multiple EYE Lash Enhancing Primer, $22

What is it: Lash primer infused with natural ingredients clinically proven to immediately increase lash volume by 739%! Preps and primes the lashes for mascara.

Why I love: OK so I am not typically a “primer” sort of girl. Life, who has the time? But this baby is worth it! Tarte not only preps lashes but also increases length and volume. I notice a MAJ difference when using this primer as opposed to not. So just another beauty addiction? I think so. Yes, in fact, all the time. Why not? It takes two seconds. Plus I like that the fact that natural ingredients are used.


2. Dior Show$25

What it is: This cult-fav award winning mascara that has been a backstage hit and makeup artist must for 10 years!

Why I love: Diorshow has been my go-to mascara for years. I can’t seem to find another mascara that builds such serious volume from roots to tip. My greatest fear is long skinny “spider” lashes, and this mascara gives the total opposite effect, boosting the diameter of the lash in addition to the length. Thick, full, Bridget Bardot bombshell babe. Super dramatic.


3. Loreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes$8.95

What it is: Volumizing fibers, false lash effect and clump-free. This mascara makes lashes appear fuller, longer, sculpted and curled at every angle.

Why I love: Talk about bang for your buck! This is my fav drug store mascara. It totally curls the lash and builds without caking to make your lashes look insanely long and thick. I always get asked if my lashes are real when using this gem.


4. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, $23

What it is: Groundbreaking bestseller, that is almost always sold-out. It does it all: lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates lashes for that “fake” effect. But you know, the good kind.

Why I love:  Yes, the claims are true. I don’t really know how they do it, but this product gives the effect of real falsies. A little goes a long way, so be careful not to go too overboard. This is perfect an event. Also love that the mascara is intended go horizontally, grabbing close to the roots and boosting girth, while going vertically, lifting and defining evening the tiniest of baby lashes.


5. Givenchy Phenomen’eyes$30

What it is: This mascara has ball shaped wand that is designed to grip those hard to find lashes starting at the roots.

Why I love: This is an excellent addition to whatever current mascara you use. It’s perfect for achieving the “cat-eye” look. The round wand makes it super easy to plump and fluff the lashes on the outer corners of your eyes.

Bonus Tip: Remember Prada Spring 2013? Well please get involved in the good old “painting mascara on your lower lashes,” technique! Basically, you take your Givenchy and a small flat brush, such as Hourglass’s Angled Liner Brush. You dip a generous amount of mascara onto the brush, and then carefully paint the bottom lashes. For a more dramatic and edgier look, I like to clump some of my bottom lashes together.


6. Revitalash, $70-$150 (depending on where you buy it!)

What it is: No RX needed here! This eyelash conditioner is designed to strengthen and grow your natural lashes.

Why I love: Ok so I am totally addicted. I started using this baby years ago. It seriously works, not only increasing length, but also the amount and thickness. Apply once a day (or twice if you are psycho like me) on the top lashes. I dabble with using this on the bottom lashes, depending on my mood, but I tend to save this product for the top lashes. I prefer Revitalash over Latisse because the whole “Latisse may cause increased brown pigmentation of the color part of the eye,” makes me nervous.

7. Fish oil$20

What it is: A concentrated source of the essential Omega 3 fatty acids to support cardiovascular, joint and immune health.

Why I love: Apparently, the benefits of fish oil, containing those good ole’ omega-3’s, are practically endless, but specific to the lashes, the protein content in the fish oil helps to maintain strong and full hair. I take my fish oil vitamins every day!


8. Give your lashes a rest when you can and skip mascara when possible.

What it is: Not wearing mascara to give your lashes a little breather.

Why I love: I skip mascara during the day and only wear it at night. This is just how I roll and I love it. I focus on my skin during the day, plus a little gloss.


9. Bobby Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, $23

What it is: This award winning eyeliner glides on smoothly and precisely, then quickly dries down to a long-wearing, water-resistant finish.

Why I love: Applying even the thinnest line directly on the base of your lashes enhances your eye and fakes a thicker lash line. I use this little trick at night, by dipping the tip of a super fine eyeliner brush into the gel, coating both sides of the brush, and wiping off excess. Apply along the base of the lash, flaring out slightly at the corners for a cute little cat-eye effect.


10. Faux eyelashes$7.99

What it is: Single Fake lashes.

Why I love: I’ve been using individual lashes for years. I used to buy them at Ricky’s around Halloween and would apply 3-5 lashes on the corners of my eyes on special occasions. My friend calls it my “Disney eyes” look. Note: make sure you buy the single eyelashes, not the strip please. Also I like the faux lashes that come with multiple hairs as opposed to singles.


11. Vivascal, $65

What it is: 100% drug-free hair growth vitamin made with the finest ingredients that promote thicker, longer, and faster growing hair.

What I love: I have been taking these for years. Recommended to me by my colorist, and used by models like Karlie Kloss, Jessica Stam and Caroline Tentini this is a life-savor for me. My hair has never grown faster. It’s actually insane.


12. Eyelash Extensions, $50-$120

What it is: Permanent eyelashes that last about 2-3 weeks.

Why I love: When I decided about a year ago that I wanted my lashes as long and as thick as possible, I decided to take the plunge and aggressive  – yes, extensions. This process takes about an hour, and it is surprisingly relaxing, in fact I usually fall asleep. When you wake up, holding a little mirror and gazing at a new me with the most long and luscious lashes! I am in love. Now the downside. This is another process to add onto your monthly beauty routine, but trust me, it’s worth it. You can literally walk around with NO makeup. Just a little concealer and some highlighter, and you are out the door. It actually saves me time in the morning, because I need and use less makeup. Go get hooked girls. Bambi eyes, here we come. Now – my suggestion is that before going and getting addicted…save this for special occasions only.

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