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On a day when there is a flash flood here in New York City, it is slightly difficult to talk about holiday inspired beauty…but you are going to be happy that you read this, because it is only Monday, and there is still time to pull yourself together and prep for the upcoming 4th of July weekend in style.

Wednesday I leave for one of my most favorite places in the entire world…the magical mountains of Colorado. It’s hard to believe (yeah right), but I have been known to be somewhat of an “over-packer,” (whatever that means, you can never pack too much). In addition to the abundance of shoes that I cram in my bag, no matter where I am going, I tend to throw each and every beauty product into my tightly packed suitcase. It’s rather embarrassing. These days, I am making an active effort to not leave everything to the last minute and I am planning now for my travels ahead.

I have put together the essential list of what you need to pack for this weekend, wherever you are going.

K.I.M girls, (Keep It Mini)!


1. The skincare – I love Tata Harper Skincare (duh!), I just can’t get enough. The first time I used her products, I actually repeated – out loud – over and over, “does it look like I have Botox?” In the good way of course. Her incredible products come in baby sizes! You have everything you need here, and it will last you up to 12 days, (if you are lucky enough to get away for that long – I am jealous). This includes her facemask, which I love, because everyone can make time for a 30-minute face break to counter act whatever holiday celebrations you might be having.

2. The eye cream – You simply can’t leave home without it. I love Caudalie’s version, because it’s small yet durable and won’t be confiscated by pesky airport security.  Even though it’s in mini form, you won’t miss out on big results. Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas proves it: “We packed this eye cream with hibiscus seeds to plump and firm, caffeine to eliminate dark circles and puffiness, and grape-seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and avocado butter to hydrate.” This cream also goes on really well under makeup. It’s a little tinted, so almost feels concealing. I apply eye cream every morning and night – No. Matter. What.

3. The tinted sunscreen – I love Dior’s Hydra Life BB Crème SPF 30! OK I will admit, I am not obsessed with BB creams, but, this is different. One of the original “BB’s,” this is the perfect travel essential, because it doubles as sunscreen and skin perfector. I typically dislike face sunscreens, because they make you look oily and greasy and they leave you looking too white! I love this product, because it leaves your skin looking fresh and glowy and you literally don’t need any other makeup, not even concealer. Make sure you really rub this all the way up into where you would apply concealer. It provides light but radiant coverage and is perfect for travel “fuss-free” makeup.

4. The shine controlTatcha Japanese Blotting Papers are my absolute favorite product to manage oil and shine when it comes to my skin. If you have not tried these all-natural leaflets, than you must get involved immediately. They are so super cute, fit in any tiny tiny clutch, and they get the job done without disturbing your perfectly applied makeup. They also don’t remove moisture from your skin, which, as a glow-girl, I can appreciate. Powder-free.  Fragrance-free.  Pulp-free. Yay-ya.


5. The fragrance – I am a number one fan of Kai’s light, beachy beauty products. OK so I am not going to the beach this time around, but I can certainly bring the ethereal, seashore scent with me. Kai’s travel minis come in a reusable natural hemp bag filled with travel-approved 2 oz. bottles including the body wash, bathing bubbles, body lotion, and a vial of the most incredible perfume oil. I love to layer Kai’s perfume under whatever perfume I might be wearing that day. It goes with everything. The best part is that the cost of the travel kit is the same as the perfume itself. SCORE! All fragranced with kai’s intoxicating blend of a gardenia amazingness, you’ll feel fresh and sexy your entire vaca.


6. The locksRahua Jet-Setter Kit is absolutely perfect for any getaway. The set includes a 100% natural and organic Shampoo and Conditioner and comes with two different sets, Voluminous and Classic. This set give you options, so you (and your BF or GF) can travel in style. Cleanse, condition and create gorgeous, healthy hair – no matter where in the world you are.

7. The detangler – You can’t forget your BRUSH! Mason Peason’s pocket size bristle and nylon (which is the best) comes in a mini. Slip it in your suitcase to ensure happy, tangle-free hair. I love the pink obviously.

8. The volumeOribe Dry Texturizing Spray is an absolute must. One word: DUH. This award-winning dry shampoo is the ultimate secret weapon to clean hair without water.  It also adds amazing volume. You never know when you are going to need a little boost in the greasy hair department. Especially being at the beach all dayyou might want to just rock those sexy beauty waves from the day into the night.

9. The rejuvenating maskSachajuan Over Night Hair Repair mini is a miracle worker. If you party the night away, and don’t want to look like a wreck the next morning, pop on this hair mask and heel as you sleep. It’s also great if you’re wanting to head straight to the beach the next morning. Sachajuan is a gel product based on pure water. It gives you care for your hair while you’re fast asleep. It’s designed to build the elasticity and to strengthen the hair as well as give it fabulous shine. It’s the ultimate damage control, because we all know vacations are full of late nights.


10. The life saver – Josie Maran, the Queen of California beachy chic, certainly has the whole mini thing down. All of her top products are available individually, in travel sizes! I suggest you scoop up her 100% Argan Oil and her Bear Naked Wipes. The oil is just great to have, as it can be used on the face, chest, to help with sunburn, ends of hair, and nails. Its multifunctional properties are endless! The wipes are great too when you’re in a rush to remove face makeup, eye makeup or clean your hands, (airport germs, yikes!).

Now that you’ve got your packing list, you can start looking forward to the holiday. These products will keep you looking beautiful, chic, and refreshed your entire vacation. Most importantly, their miniature sizes will give you more room for your wardrobe. Oh, God. The options.

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