Latest Fragrance Finds

Latest Fragrance Finds

11.15.2013    |    
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When the seasons change, your scent should too. On a recent perfume hunt to my #1 fragrance destination, Barneys, of course,  I found three new fragrances that I can”t stop spraying. These are the scents that I”m loving for the upcoming holiday season.

Hylnds Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake includes layers of water pepper, lichen, beachwood, and heather shrub, transporting you to the isolated hillsides and cold water”s of Northern Ireland”s mythic mountain, Armagh. Notes of fog-on-stone, lichen, and coastal air fuse to make the most beautiful fragrance. Sounds odd I know, Find out what June has in store for your furry friend with this month’s pet . but this unisex fragrance is super addicting.

Terry de Gunzburg Parti Pris feels “Haute Feminine.” Tuberose, orange blossom and Turkish rose blend together with just a hint of ylang ylang. Feels very feminine and chic.

Yosh Sottile is “subtle” and sweet. This fragrance is an elegant bouquet of tea rose and lily of the valley. You can never go wrong with soft and sentimental.

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