Another Australian Brand to Obsess Over
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Another Australian Brand to Obsess Over

03.24.2016    |    
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We already know that Australia is the ultimate mecca for natural and organic beauty, food and wellness. There’s The Beauty Chef, the brand that bottled up “hydration” and “glow” and turned them into pantry staples. And then, of course, there’s AesopFrank Body and Grown Alchemist. This list goes on and on so if you are curious for more, read my ultimate guide to Australian beauty here. For now, there’s a new brand on the block that we here in the states can finally get our hands on – Lano.

Lanolin Lano was created by Kirsten Carriol (is she not the most gorgeous?!), a beauty industry vet who couldn’t find the perfect lip balm. She was the daughter of a professor and award winning DNA researcher and used her inherent knowledge of molecular structure to create something really unique. The basis of Lano is, of course, lanolin – the 100% natural substance found on the wool of sheep that helps keep their coat protected and dry. The molecular structure of lanolin mimics human skin lipids, making it the most skin-compatible ingredient around. The bottom line is that it’s 100% natural and cruelty free, so you don’t have to worry that little lambs are being hurt in this process.

I’ve tried most of the products in the line and they are heavenly. The vintage packaging is super cute, and the portable size makes it the perfect handbag essential. The Lemonade Lip Treatment actually tastes like lemonade.

I spoke with Lano’s founder and here’s what she had to say: 

Is Lano natural/organic?

It’s not organic – organic lanolin is full of pesticides and impurities from farming, but our lanolin goes through refining and filtering process to remove all impurities to get it to ‘medical grade’ level, so it’s just 100% natural lanolin – with all of the junk removed.  It’s just pure creamy, silky goodness. Nothing added.

Is Lano safe to use on kids?

Yes it’s absolutely wonderful on children!  I slather it on mine every day.

3 Essentials items in your

Fridge/ Pantry: Beauty Chef Glow Powder, All Bran cereal and Coffee

Handbag: iPhone, Swiss Army Travel Card (5 tools inside!) and Lano 101 Ointment

Travel Bag: Lano Golden Dry Skin SalveIT Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer and Smythson note pad 

What is a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner like for you?

Breakfast: All Bran with sultanas, Beauty Chef Glow Powder in organic apple juice.

Lunch: A mega turkey, cranberry + salad sandwich!

Dinner: Pizza or pasta is my weakness…. Either that or a massive French style salad with Dijon mustard dressing and red wine.

Aside from Lano, what is your favorite lipstick?

When I want more drama on my lips I’ll stain them first with a Revlon Bitten Lips Stain, and then hydrate throughout the night with a little dab of 101 Ointment. Stains are drying but I love the payoff and the fact you only need to put it on once at the beginning of a night.

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