Krissy's Secret to Perfect Skin

Krissy's Secret to Perfect Skin

07.12.2013    |    
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Kristen (friends call her “Krissy”) is one half of the sister genius behind the uber chic American contemporary collection, Porter Grey. Founded by Krissy and her younger sister, Alexandra, Porter Grey is a stunning line – that I am now obsessed with (you should be too!).  Their collection consists of versatile foundation pieces, which are perfect because they fit right into your existing wardrobe. I could live in this line – its fresh and relaxed, yet elegant and sophisticated. The colors and patterns are so cute! These sisters place the utmost importance on quality and craftsmanship, and what I find most unique, is that everything is designed and produced right here in New York City. Beyond their line, these two girls have the biggest hearts, sharpest minds and couldn’t be cooler. Literally up for anything and always down to have the best-time-ever, its scientifically impossible not to LOVE these two.

I recently spent a long weekend with Krissy, at the Crow’s Nest in Montauk, and as a total skin “psycho,” I couldn’t help but notice something…her skin. It was practically perfect and simply glowing. I immediately realized that I needed some answers. What are the products she uses and the facialist she swears by? Well it turns out, that Krissy has nailed down a pretty hardcore “360°” routine that not only involves the topical products and facials, but water intake, exercise regime and of course diet.

Do you want to know the secret behind her radiant complexion? This. Is. It.

Annie: You have the most luminous and glowing skin. What is your daily skincare routine, start to finish? What products do you love and rely on to achieve such dewy skin?

Krissy: When I wake up, I usually just wash my face with Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin One-Step Cleanser.  It is non-foaming and incredibly gentle. I then apply La Mer’s Regenerating Serum and Radiant Serum, followed by La Mer’s Moisturizing Cream.  I swear by La Mer’s moisturizing cream.  I have been using it for about 15 years.  I try not to wear make-up during the day unless it I have to. I never wear make-up when I work out.  My sister and I are lucky because we can fragment our day so it that allows us to workout around lunchtime.  It is a nice break from work and keeps me from hitting that exhaustion wall around 4 that usually requires a shot of espresso or a bucket sized Americano to come out of.  Since doing this I have almost completely removed caffeine from my life and I just feel more energized and awake all day.  Running your own company can be exhausting, there are days when it is just not possible to find time hit the gym, but I always try to find ways to be active throughout the day.

Back to skincare.  As a disclaimer, this is a long process and it probably sounds completely. insane, but you only have to do it once a day.  I usually do it during the day, but you can do this all before you go to bed too. After I workout, usually at Barry’s Bootcamp, I always shower as soon as I possibly can.  I wash my face with Laura Mercier’s flawless skin one-step cleanser.  I exfoliate every other day with La Mer’s Refining Facial. I then apply Biologique Recherche’s Masque VIP O2.  I leave it on for about 20 to 30 minutes while I answer emails, make phone calls, etc. (because it is still a work day, but luckily I work from home, so I can sit around in a masque and no one is judging me).  Once the masque is washed off, I use Biologique Recherche’s P50 Toner, the Lotion MC 100 Number 1, the Serum Elastine Pure, and Serum Oligo-Proteines Marines.  Then comes La Mer Moisturizing Cream and my favorite, Biologique Recherche’s Fluide VIP 02 Finishing Serum.  I was introduced to Biologique Recherche when I started getting facials at Aida Bicaj and now I am addicted.

I keep my nightly skincare routine pretty simple if I go through my whole “process” earlier in the day. I wash my face, apply La Mer’s Regenerating SerumRadiant Serum, and Moisturizing Cream.  Otherwise, I do my masque, toner, serums, etc. before bed.

A: How did you first hear of Aida? How often to you see her and what do your appointments consist of? How has she changed your skin?

K: A friend recommended Aida Bicaj almost two years ago.  I go to Sophia. I love going and I look forward to it every month.  Their deep cleansing facial is amazing, which I do with a peel.  They also have an incredible signature facial.  Sophia is great at recommending a facial and almost intuitively knows what my skin needs.

A: Tell me a little about your diet and how you feel its affects you inside and out.

K:  I truly believe that a healthy diet and healthy skin are connected.  I try to eat as clean as possible, no processed foods, limited dairy and animal products, limited gluten (because let’s face it, pasta is something that I simply cannot live without and if I am going to eat it, there will be gluten in it).  I eat as much fish and greens as possible. I attempt to stay away from sugar. One of my favorite indulgences is the classic sundae from One Lucky Duck.  It is raw and vegan, so I feel like there might be some sort of healthy loophole there.  I am eating dessert, but it is made out of cashews, and nuts are good for your body and skin, so I don’t feel that bad about eating it.

A: What are your thoughts on green juice and cleansing? Do you juice or cleanse on a regular basis?

K:  My sister and I have tried just about every cleanse out there.  They have never been something that worked for me until I recently discovered Dr. Frank Lipman’s Be Well Cleanse.  I recently did it a few weeks ago and I swear by it.  You have 3 shakes (which I make with almond milk, water, and cinnamon blended into a smoothie) and eat two small meals.  It is an elimination diet, so it is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, sugar free, alcohol free etc. It is actually very doable, and you can eat out on it, you just might drive your waiter a little crazy making sure that your meal is gluten free and prepared with only olive oil.  I also love the juices at One Lucky Duck.  I have my own green juice concoction that they whip up for me (because I really don’t like celery or romaine in my juice).  Most days I will have a green juice for lunch. I snack on berries and cashews. If I don’t have a green juice, I will have Dr. Lipman’s Greens smoothie as an afternoon snack. I also take krill oil everyday. But the most important things that I do are: drink as much water as possible, stay away from cigarettes, and try not to drink alcohol (I do sometimes, but in very limited quantities.  Most times it is just water with a lime in my glass if you see me out past midnight).

A: What is your fitness routine? I know you mentioned Barry’s Bootcamp. You really love classes just as much as I do! What is your secret to keeping in such amazing shape?

K:  “Amazing shape” might be overkill, but I am pretty active.  To be completely honest, I was actually pretty much immobile for most of my 20’s.  After I tore my meniscus at 23, I just didn’t ever really get back into exercise.  That was a mistake.  I turned 28 and realized that I could not get away with that any longer.  I was going to have to “take it to the next level” (borrowed “she’s in the glow” catchphrase); which it turns out was just doing any physical activity.  I started with private pilates classes with my sister.  Ali then managed to convince me to go to Barry’s with her.  I became addicted and do it as many times a week as possible.  I love running outside, I still do pilates, and I recently discovered Pilates Pro Works’ Barre Pro classes.

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