The $32 Facial Oil that Everyone is Going Crazy Over
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The $32 Facial Oil that Everyone is Going Crazy Over

03.20.2015    |    
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When you hear the term  ‘”squalane” the image that comes to mind might be that furry little animal that we often see scurrying around our neighborhood park. But no. Squalane oil is actually is 100% pure olive-derived oil that promotes skin elasticity, diminishes age spots and boosts cell regeneration and oxygenation – aka everything we need to support our lifestyles of late nights and too many drinks. The oil also improves skin tone and texture – wahoo! – and protects against horrible sun damage. What makes this oil so unique is that it mimics our very own ‘protective’ oils secreted by our skin, that start to diminish in our mid to late 20s. So it actually replenishes what we are losing, and what we need in order to look young again.

Indie Lee’s eponymous beauty brand is one that you need to know about. She developed her line after surviving a life-threatening brain tumor and thereafter devoting herself to making beauty products that are not only safe on the face and body but work wonders.

I came across her line at the beauty section of ABC Carpet New York, and was basically accosted by one of her devout users, who preached to me about the magical powers of her Squalane Facial Oil. I bought it, tried it, and now I understand why the brand has gained such a cult following. The oil really does minimize pores and it sinks in immediately, preventing you from feeling greasy or causing unwanted bumps or breakouts. In fact, it’s often referred to as the “oilless oil.” And at $32, the price couldn’t be more right.

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