How to Actually Erase Dark Spots...Forever
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How to Actually Erase Dark Spots...Forever

09.24.2014    |    
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I basically came out of the womb as a sun worshipper. I spent every summer day at the neighborhood pool, refusing to wear sunscreen, and went to the tanning salon weekly in high school. I convinced myself I had seasonal depression and it was “healthy.” Oh, high schoolers. Granted a little Vitamin D is good for the soul, I never listened to mama’s talk about how I would regret it big time someday, even though the creepy spotted skin on all the tanning salon employees secretly concerned me. But then I’d convince myself otherwise, thinking, “I’m half Asian so that won’t happen to me anyway….right?” 

Luckily, I am way more vigilant about my skincare now, but sun damage does accumulate and many of you, like me, could be dealing with issues like dark spots now as a result of how you treated your skin years and years ago or even just from this past summer. Age is also a factor and you could be seeing dark spots pop up out of the blue even if you have taken proper care of your skin throughout your life. I know, I feel you… it’s really not fair.

I’m not proud of my sinful, skin abusing past, and I have some pesky dark spots to show for it, but there are things I do to undo some of the damage and prevent further spotting. One of the most important things, aside from daily SPF (I use Trina Renea’s 24/7 Defense religiously), is a deep exfoliating and brightening facial every eight weeks from my miracle-working LA based facialist, Trina Renea. And if you are based in New York, you should consider a trip to Skin specialist, Dangene. If you can’t make it to see a facialist as often as you’d like, exfoliate on your own twice a week (right now I’m using suppper effective Tatcha’s Deep Rice Enzyme Exfoliator) in conjunction with targeted dark spot treatments. Here are some of my favorites to try. I promise, all of these make a HUGE difference:

Trina Renea Flawless Serum: The name is no gimmick! This Cell Youth Serum has 14 worldwide patents and uses an exclusive technology that helps skin repair itself from all past damage and to prevent signs of aging in the future. Use it twice daily and you’ll notice tighter, firmer, and more contoured skin. Your skin will be FLAWLESS, truly. I swear by this stuff and there’s the science to back it!

Shiseido White Lucent Total Brightening Serum: In Thailand where my mom is from, dark spots are the devil! She has always been vigilant about achieving perfectly clear skin and this serum by Shiseido is ace. Meant for daily use, it not only works as a complexion corrector, but over time your skin will inherit this pearly, lit-from-within glow.

Verso Skincare Dark Spot Fix: The one and only Annie Atkinson actually turned me on to this product! The incredible formula contains a concentrated dose of Retinol 8, which is a stable Vitamin A that makes it suitable for sensitive skin. Say bye bye to dark spots and acne scars and HELLO to smoother, younger skin!

Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot Plus: Hydroquinone is the secret weapon in this powerful serum that not only fades spots but helps prevent new ones from forming for a more balanced and even skintone.

Dermadoctor Photodynamic Age Spot Eraser & Skin Brightener: With their award-winning Photodynamic Therapy red light technology, see discoloration and hyper-pigmentation disappear while botanical boosters soothe the skin and prevent irritation.

Ole Henrikson Sheer Transformation: This is a moisturizer that works overtime to exfoliate, re-texturize, brighten, and balance the skin, while fading dark spots all at the same time. It’s light, oil-free, and has natural ingredients like sandalwood, geranium, and chamomile that are super calming. It’s a great option that’s safe to use everyday if you have sensitive skin like me!

Jurlique Purely Bright Facial Treatment Mask: I love sheet masks because they are so luxuriously moisturizing. This one adds a dose of VitaBrightKX technology to reduce skin discolorations and even out skin tone in as little as 10 minutes. It is such a cult favorite that they tend to be out of stock frequently, so get them in bulk when you can!

Lancôme DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector: LIFE CHANGING. It comes in three different tones to choose from depending on your skin color. It directly targets imperfections such a dark spots and blemishes, and leaves skin looking flawless. It smells of roses and is slightly tinted to reduce redness and leave skin looking super healthy.

Story by Marisa Kronenberg.


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