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One of summer’s most striking accessories? The classic RED LIP. It will immediately elevate your look, adding sexiness and a touch of old Hollywood glamour. Think Audrey Hepburn…Grace Kelly and lets just do this.

I decided to turn my friends and Glow Girls Samantha Shaw (Director, Global Communications and Fashion Relations at Bumble and Bumble) and Nadia Josse for their expert red lipstick perspectives on just how to get this done.

Sam: “A red lip is the beauty equivalent of a black or nude piece of clothing, it goes with everything. I love Mac Beet Lip Liner and MAC Red Lipstick.”

“Always exfoliate lips prior to application to get rid of any dead skin and avoid flaking. I use a damp towel or washcloth and scrub my lips for a few seconds. Next, I apply a moisturizing lip primer or Chapstick, (loving Clinique superbalm lip treatment), leave it on for a few seconds and then wipe the excess off. You will be left with a soft supple base for your red to glide on evenly with ease.”

“Fresh dewy skin and a few dabs of concealer is all you need with a red lip. It only accentuates your natural beauty yet makes a statement. For day, I think it looks best on clean sun kissed skin with no eye makeup, not even mascara! For night, just add a thin cat eye with winged out liquid liner in black to top lids – instant vintage glamour.”

“I always use a lip liner to avoid bleeding around the edges. But instead of just lining my lips, I always fill the entire lip in with a pencil first, and then apply the lipstick on top. It will last all day and makes the overall color look intensely bright and pigmented.”

“I used to think I couldn’t wear red- then I realized I just hadn’t found the right one for my skin tone. But more importantly, when picking a red lipstick, you also have to consider the statement you want to make. Bright red colors are bold and will inevitably attract attention. If you’re not used to seeing red on your lips, don’t fret if you think it looks silly. Be confident! Also, darker shades work similarly to black dresses, and can make your lips look thinner, so you might want to stick to something more vibrant if you have thin lips to begin with. And be sure to experiment with different shades of reds to find your perfect shade. I really don’t think there is an exact formula for everyone to follow. I’ve seen cool reds on warm skin and warm reds on cool skin look amazing so don’t lock yourself into a specific category just because a magazine or friend tell you what will and won’t work with your skin tone. If all else fails, a true red works on almost everyone.”

Nadia: “Ok so here is my mantra for RED bold lips…When I wear red lips during the day, I usually pair it with a relaxed look like denim skinny jeans and white tee shirt and flats. Easy but super chic.”

“You definitely want to avoid a red lip if you are breaking out. Obviously. A bold lip intensifies any flaws you may have so even if you are wearing concealer or foundation, you want to avoid a bold lip because it is only going intensify whatever you are trying to hide. Also, if you are tired, probably not the best time to go red, because again, this is not something you want to enhance or highlight.”

“I terms of matte vs. shiny reds, it really depends on the color, but I don’t have a preference. I don’t mind when a red is a bit shiny. I think an orange tone though is better in a matte version, and especially on super tan skin. I almost never use a lip-gloss. I don’t like it. It’s always messy. It sticks. I’m all about a lipstick.”

“For starters, I work hard on perfecting my skin before rocking red. I go through my entire skincare routine including, most importantly, moisturizer. I apply a conservative amount of foundation to cover up a little and give a nice flawless base. I also apply concealer and blush (of course). If the lips are RED, don’t overdo it on the pink liquifushia blush or you’ll look like you’re ready for Cirque du Soleil. For an effortless look, I love the “no eye makeup + red lip” combo. Not even mascara – or maybe just a little to give your lashes a black color, if you are blond like me. Once the base is done, you can work on the lips.”

“I love Dior Rouge Favori (752) for the day. It’s an intense red that totally pops. The texture is so good [Dior nailed it in the super moisturizing and luxurious lip department] that you don’t even need to put a balm on your lips to moisturize.”

“I also discovered the new MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme in True Red that literally stays on your lips the entire day. I made this discovery last weekend on my way to my Saturday morning workout class. I quickly tested the lipstick and fell in love. I went about my day and didn’t come home for several hours. Once I finally arrived home that night and glanced in the mirror I realized that I had been sporting a bright red lip – with yoga clothes – all day. I love this color because it’s a TRUE RED.  With this lipstick I would advise using a lip pencil to make sure it looks very neat.”

“For a sexy transition into night, I usually wear NARS lipstick in Scarlet. It’s not a traditional red; it’s really more of a fuchsia. While it is the perfect shade for evening, it’s also great for daytime. I always get compliments when I wear it. I think this color works amazingly on fair skin and blondes. At night my face makeup wouldn’t be too different from my day routine, except that I would do something more sophisticated on the eyes like a little bit of eyeliner and mascara, so the bolder red lip really elevates my look.”

With Nadia and Sam’s spot-on red lip advice, you are sure to make the cutest statement this Fourth of July. This effortless and festive pop of color will brighten your makeup finish without taking away from your vacation time. The best part about the trend is that the red lip is your 4th of July accessory. Now all you need is a cocktail and a firework and you truly are the epitome of 4th of July chic.

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