Prettier in 7 Days

Prettier in 7 Days

08.26.2014    |    
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Fashion Week Spring 2014 is officially upon us. For those of you who work in this world as an editor, buyer, blogger, you know all too well the nail biting stress that lies before us. #YIKES

From an outsider’s point of view, it seems very glam. And, of course, there are certain aspects that are in fact quite chic—backstage access, interviews with iconic designers, and being up close and personal with some of the world’s most gorgeous people. But when I’m not hustling backstage for the best possible picture, I find myself hauling a** around the city, for seven days straight, tired, hungry, thirsty and anxious to get home and rest my feet.

Fashion Week means different things to everyone. My time is spent backstage. Just me and my camera. And my iPhone, of course. I only go to the shows that I am interested in. I walk around to the various hair and makeup stations and watch closely at the magic and transformation that is happening before my very eyes. I watch for trends, something that I keep seeing over and over, a clue into what we all might be sporting this upcoming spring. I look for something inspiring, something that’s fresh, unique, and innovative. Maybe I might observe a technique, product, or color that I can share with the rest of the world. Consequently, I spend these seven days running from show to show on my feet almost the whole day. My feet, they just kill.

At night, I am out. I’ll have a fragrance launch dinner one night, or four or five events that I need to stop by, one after the other. Fun? Debatable. Exhausting. Ab-so-effing-lutely. Now, what does this running around town, lack of sleep and constant stress do to me physically? Let’s just say, it isn’t pretty. When I’m not out, I’m glued to my phone or computer, writing, editing or reading show recaps (because yes, I am honestly interested).

For myself and the rest of the curious girls, I have decided to nail down a foolproof formula that will prepare my mind, body and soul for one of the biggest and busiest fashion infused times of the year. This beauty routine can and should be used before any big event for that matter. From your high school prom to the Met Gala, consider this the ultimate seven-day beauty prep schedule.

In addition to getting as much sleep, water and rest in the weeks and day prior, this is my seven-day breakdown to get you totally prepped and feeling as amazing as humanly possible.

Seven days and counting: Start eating clean. I LOVE Dr. Junger’s Clean Program, and while your life might not allow a full on Clean Program 21-Day Cleanse (which I did try once, and that was DAMN hard), simply cut out the gluten, dairy, process, fried, alcohol, coffee and added sugar, aka eat clean. Just follow their manual, it’s as simple as that. Sure, you might need a glass or two of wine a few nights here and there, but for the most part, cut out the bad. I promise, you will just feel good. And by cutting out dairy – your skin will glow. It’s even on Gilt City until August 31! 

Today, I even started incorporating a Clean Program Smoothie into my diet for breakfast. I am addicted. This is my recipe, using my Vitamix (but you can really use any old blender):

1 Clean Essentials Chocolate Shake (packed with everything good that you can possibly imagine)

1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

½ Cup Unfiltered Water (or less depending on desired consistency)

1 Cup Frozen Blueberries

½ Cup Frozen Strawberries

½ Cup Frozen Cherries (peaches or nectarines)

Another must: Amp-up your exercise routine. Try to get to the gym, to a class or in the park at least every day before FW starts. Because we all know that during FW there is absolutely no time for the gym. Frankly, it’s just too exhausting to even think about. Right now – Im addicted to SLT.

In addition to keeping your body healthy, check your hair! In need of a cut, color or moisturizing treatment? Book that shizz ASAP! Get in before FW, and make sure not to do anything drastic. You will most likely regret it.

Six days and counting: Get a facial. This lead-time will at least give your skin a chance to rest and feel and look your glowiest for the coming weeks ahead. No time for the professional facial? Try one at home. There are tons of amazing masks that can get your skin back on track. Try something peeling, glycolic and detoxifying, like the Ren Radiance Mask, Bioxidea 24 Face Mask or the  Tata Harper Resurfacing Face Mask. These are my honestly my favorites.

Five days and counting: Incorporate a green juice into your routine, (like I decided to do as part of my New Years resolutions), every day from here on out. I love green juices and probably have one every day of my life, usually from Juice Generation or Liquiteria. I know, I’m so crazy. Simultaneously, amp-up your water intake. I hate water, but its vital. The more you drink, the more your body will flush out the toxins that weigh you down. Take your body weight and cut that number in half. This is how many oz.’s you should be drinking a day.

Four days and counting: Get your beauty kit organized. Stock up on your favorite products in minis. Because you are going to be out all day, make sure you have all of your essentials ready for on-the-go application. I am working on getting my own list together – for you! Coming soon…

Three days and counting: Get a lymphatic or Ayurveda massage. I get these about once a month, and if I had the time and money, I would be getting them weekly! I am hooked. In tandem with your massage, try something insanely moisturizing like a hydrating body wrap. The VMV Hypoallergenics Coconut Body Wrap, recommended by friend and Glow Girl Danielle Snyder is SO beyond, especially if you like coconut. The luxurious wrap consists of an hour of dry brushing, lymph massage, full body coconut oil application and a mini facial. It’s quite magical.

Two days and counting: Get a manicure and pedicure. I usually go for shellac on my nails, because I really don’t want to deal with peeling or chipping. But this time around, I’m planning to paint with Christian Louboutin’s Rouge Louboutin, AKA the perfect red. Read all about it here.

One day to go aka the night before: Apply a moisturizing mask at home. My favorite? SK-II Moisturizing Mask. It literally changes the look and feel of your skin. I could bath in these serums if I could. Cate Blanchette agrees saying, “Before [doing] press, I put on a mask every day, whereas otherwise I’d use it about once a week.” Well, I guess we should too. (Also…check my Instagram for details on an SK-II giveaway to receive two free tickets to your favorite show!!)

Drybrush (like I do here!), and take a detox bath. Both at home treatments help release toxins and combat muscle pains. After a nice long bath and rinsing shower, moisturize your whole body with organic coconut oil. You can buy it anywhere, and really make sure to lather it on. If the intense coconut smell is too much for you, try VMV Hypoallergenics Know-It-Oil. It’s feels and smells like a dream. Relax and unwind with one of my FAVORITE face products, Darphin 8-Flower Youth Elixir. It’s legit the most amazing smelling and luxe ways to treat your precious skin.

Good luck girls. Let the games begin.

Elena Perminova (my fav street style girl that I love to stalk on instagram) shot for Vogue.

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