Annie's Fashion Week (Beauty) Uniform

Annie's Fashion Week (Beauty) Uniform

09.03.2014    |    
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Labor Day has come and gone, summer is over, and the wrath of Fashion Week is upon us. DEAR G**. Tomorrow marks the official beginning of the month long preview of the hair and makeup trends that we can expect to see in advertisements and on beauty counters next spring. Shows I am most excited to see, from a beauty perspective, of course, are Jason Wu, Dior and Chanel. They always deliver looks that are STUNNINGLY beautiful, artistic, and straight-up inspiring.

When it comes to my own face, I opt for a less is more approach and focus on quality, organic skincare (yay for TATA!) that leaves my skin clean and smooth enough to be seen even sans makeup. But just because my day to day is pretty much au natural, this doesn’t mean that I can’t OBSESS over the bolder trends that are yet to come.

Over the next week, you’ll not only find my FW beauty insights here, but on Saks’ new blog, Saks POV. I will be trekking from show to show, backstage, of course, picking up quotes from the hair and makeup artists, trying to understand their inspiration and hopefully getting the inside scoop from some of the world’s most beautiful creatures – the models. I will attend about four shows a day here in NYC and then deliver to YOU what caught my eye.

But this won’t be just any runway report. I’ll be covering only the highlights—products used backstage that you can buy and that really work, new hair techniques that might inspire you to switch things up, or maybe even a new approach to the typical skincare routine. I want to give you information that is exciting, practical, stimulating and helpful so you can look your best. It’s no secret that models look straight-up flawless once they hit the runway. Sure, they spend hours in hair and makeup backstage, but this doesn’t mean that I can’t do a little research to find out what is cool backstage, and how we can apply this to our daily – i.e. normal – lives.

OK…so now it’s time to get organized! I already gave you the deal on how to get ‘prettier in seven days’ – aka the pre-fashion week beautification plan – and this included a little reminder to get your beauty bag all set, so you can be out and about all day long and still look your best. You see, there are days when I will leave my apartment at 6am and don’t make it back until past midnight. This season I have updated my list of Fashion Week Essentials and HERE. IT. IS.

1. Canon 5D Mark III AND Sony RX100 III – Both as are so easy to use. I’ll wear the Canon around my neck, and the Sony fits in my bag.

2. Billy’s Infinity Sprouted Almonds – Because I am being CRAZY healthy this week, it’s always smart to keep a healthy snack by your side. These are my favorite.

3. Emergen-C Immune Booster – A delicious and energizing little pick me up. I usually take two a day during crazier times.

4. The Row Black Leather Sunnies – The best.

Annnnnnd the beauty lineup!

5. Armani Si Rollerball Perfume – A new stand out this season and smells delicious. Even the face of the  scent, Cate Blanchett says, “it’s got this beautiful alluring sweetness that’s not too sweet. So I think it’s the mixture of masculine and feminine which I really love about it.” True that Cate, true that. A mix of rose and cassis – yummy.

6. Yes To Coconut Cleansing Wipes – Wipe your body, face, neck and hands with this delicious coconut goodnesss. I find myself finding excuses to whip of my whips! ADDITCTED.

7. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Fusion Ink Foundation – This fine-as-ink foundation is packed with SPF 18 that perfects the skin while it wears weightlessly for 24 hours. No joke, this baby doesn’t budge. If you are into a matte look – then this is the foundation you have been waiting for. I love it, but like to mix in a little illumination, which blends perfectly, for a glowier look that still lasts all day.

8. Koh Gen Do Aqua Illuminator – I’ve raved about it before. Enough said. It just makes your skin look perfect, sans greasy. I mix this perfect color into my foundation or apply it on-the-go on my cheekbones, nose and collarbones.

9. Yves Saint Launent Touche Éclat 1 – This classic pen is great for on the glow highlighting, brightening and blending, making skin just prettier altogether.

10. Armani Lip Maestro – A velvety lip stain that stays put ALL. DAY. LONG. Plus, it gives your pout the perfect popsicle pop.

11. Benefit High Brow – Intended to brighten the area just under the brow, this can also actually be used under the eyes to cover up darkness.

12. K Collection Sponge – At the end of the day, before evening cocktails or for an instant refresher, spray on a little Tata Harper Floral Spray, add a dab or illuminator and a few strokes of your YSL Fushion Ink Foundation and blend, without getting your fingers messy.

13. Tata Harper Deluxe Beauty Set (Minis) – I don’t go anywhere without the mini sized Herbal Floral Spray and the Moisturizer. I use her whole line and don’t go a day (or night) without it.

14. Suvana Beauty Paw Paw & Honey Organic Lip Balm – Beware. This organic and super soft balm is super addictive.

All imagery by Tommy Ton for Vogue and 

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