Elizabeth Olsen for Interview Russia

Elizabeth Olsen for Interview Russia

12.17.2013    |    
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Wow. So really feeling Elizabeth Olsen for Interview Russia – November 13′ Issue. Somehow missed this epic amazingness until today. Perfectly tousled bed head and a clean almost worn-in makeup situation complete this effortless cool look. Clearly she is rocking some sort of eye gloss situation in the photo below, confirming that my recent purchase of Make’s Custom Effects – Matte/ Dew palette was spot-on.

OK so I am obsessed with the Make palette duo! The peach gel formula mattifies and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. So I apply this on my forehead, chin and wherever else needed. The pink dewy formula glosses skin, and you know I love a good dew. I apply this on the brim of my nose, around my eyes, Cupid’s bow and collarbones. Everyone needs to buy Make’s palette immediately. It’s the ultimate essential for the girl on the go and should really be on your person at all time.

Now back to Elizabeth. Want to get her look? See below.

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