I want to look like Diane Kruger

I want to look like Diane Kruger

01.04.2014    |    
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Last night I re-watched one of my all time favorite movies, Wicker Park, and WOW, I forgot how good it was. I mean, Diane Kruger is always off the charts pretty but this time around she’s rocking a gorgeous au natural, no makeup, mid-2000’s look, and it’s just so good. Her skin is clean and perfect, her lids are a sultry, slightly darker shade than her complexion, her cheekbones are contoured and her lips look naturally flushed and tinged with a soft shade of blue. The scene that I love most is when she disappears in Wicker Park, all bundled up on a cold, snowy day. I wish I could look that gorgeous when freezing my little a** off!

This morning I woke up to some pretty major snow, which only increased my desire to master this “pretty winter skin” look. Think Winona Ryder circa 1990’s or the porcelain skinned Vampire, Bella Swan. This is how you get this totally cool cold-weather friendly look:

MASK: There are all types of masks out there, so it’s hard to know which ones to use during the wintertime. Look for radiant, poor-cleansing or moisturizing masks. My favorite
winter staple that I just couldn’t live without is the Clarifying Clay Masque by SkinCeuticals. I use this before going out, both day and night. It doesn’t make you red and gives you a real and immediate glow.

SCRUB: To achieve clean, soft and hydrated skin, you want to constantly slough off dead and dry skin and immediately replace with moisture locking oils and creams. My favorite face scrub is an oldie but a goodie. I randomly bought it in Paris years ago and have been hooked ever since. It’s Clinique Exfoliating Face Scrub.

SKINCARE: If you take a look at Diane’s skin in snapshots from Wicker Park, you’re sure to become envious of the quality of her complexion. Its flawless, yet seemingly makeup free. To get Diane’s look, you want clean, but certainly not dull, skin. During the day, the key to long-term luminosity is a trifecta of three major products: oil + moisturizer + luminizing lotion. Like the facemask dilemma, there are so many facial oils out there. My issue is that while they give you an immediate glow, they weirdly dry with a matte finish. I especially notice this with products including Argan… Does anyone else agree? Anyway, I’m now whipping up a concoction of Rodin Luxury Facial Oil with Tata Harper Reparative Moisturizer and Mac Strobe Lotion. This combo is literally divine. Once you’ve applied this magical combo, skip your bronzer and even your concealer. A little under eye darkness and paler skin actually enhances this look. A nice bonus, no?

EYEBROWS: Diane’s brows are quite possibly my favorite part of this look. (You know how I love a good brow.) They are dark and clearly defined. Kevyn Aucoin Precision Eyebrow Pen gives you total control. Your eyebrows will go from sisters to twins, in seconds. It’s heavily addicting. Bonus, no one knows you are even wearing makeup.

EYELIDS: You know when you are caught outside in the freezing cold and your eyes water and tear up a bit?! Channel that windblown look with a dab of skin-toned eye gloss, like Make Custom Finish Effects “Dew” gloss. Use sparingly and don’t apply it too close to your lashes. Pop a little on the inner corners of your eyes for true teary-eyed goodness.

LIPS: When it’s freezing your lips look cold, bitten and blue. This look can be overwhelmingly gorgeous when done right or totally gross if you’re lips are dry and cracked. To do this look right, try Tela Plumping Lip Balm because it burns just enough and smells of cinnamon so you really know it’s working. You really can achieve that bee-stung Lindsey Wixson “bitten” look. The burning naturally turns your lips just the slightest bit blue.

CONTOUR: So this step is totally optional, but highly recommended. Using your fingers, dab my fav RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer in a “3” shape, starting at your widow’s peak and moving down and across the hairline to your temples. Then, starting under your cheekbones at the hairline, create a small line about an inch and a half under your cheekbones. Then move back into the hairline and up back into the temple.

Throw on your boyfriend’s coziest sweater and your cashmere scarf and voila.

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