How to Look Better on Vacation: The Korean Sheet Mask
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How to Look Better on Vacation: The Korean Sheet Mask

08.27.2015    |    
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It’s no secret that South Korea’s beauty scene is making major waves. Famous for making BB creams, sheet masks, facial essences and even snail-infused serums part of the mainstream, Korean beauty practices are everywhere in our beauty regiments whether we realize it or not. Even western brands are starting to get inspired by the magical beauty creations of the East. Lancôme openly credited the inspiration for one of its biggest launches to date, the Miracle Cushion Liquid Compact, to the nation’s foundation technology. What separates the savvy, beauty obsessed Korean women from a western women with the same love and aspiration for beautiful skin is her willingness to combine high-technology skincare and makeup with packaging that could be best descried as “cute.” At the opening of K-Town’s beauty hot-spot Tony Moly it was nearly impossible to make it through the  densely packed makeup and skincare aisles without getting extremely distracted. From candy colored lip glosses topped with animal heads to a bubbly section of face mask jars cleverly disguised as fruits. On first glance it might seem kitschy or silly but this is just the South Korean sense of humor, because these products really work. The heart of Korean beauty is innovation, technology, research and product development. Their mission is clean, flawless skin. Who could disagree with that?

I personally love the Korean approach to beauty because it encourages you to see your skin as a canvas. Smooth, healthy skin provides the best foundation for any look. Every night that time allows, I follow my Korean skincare routine to maintain my naturally fair Snow White skin. The only problem is it’s difficult to lug around so many products when I travel – and I travel constantly. But at the same time, I don’t want to sacrifice the quality of my skin. Luckily, the hallmark of the Korean skincare routine  is the sheet mask, which is why I have discovered that it’s the best travel essential. I take one sheet mask for each night I’m away. I love them because they leave you with a glow. The nourishing ingredients moisturize and soften rather than leaving you looking irritated, dry or broken out. After recently depleting my supply of Innisfree’s Green Tea and Aloe Facial Masks, my trusty SK-II facial essences AND my Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Deep Moisture Hydrogel Mask Sheets, I found myself searching for my next revitalizing mask go-to.

Just in time, Peach and Lily, online Korean beauty mecca, sent me a few samples to try, including their Cremorlab facial masks. Immediately, I was intrigued by the name and ultra-suave packaging, so I decided to give Cremorlab’s Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask and Aqua Tank Hydro Plus Water-Full Mask a test drive. Asian facial masks never disappointed my skin before, so I crossed my fingers and took the plunge. Here is what I thought.

Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask

The foundation of Cremorlab skincare is their mineral-infused thermal water (T.E.N.) sourced from Geumjin, South Korea. Literally each Cremorlab product is infused with 100% pure T.E.N. water that is proven to provide intense moisture for the skin and calm any skin irritations. It’s the brand’s secret weapon. This is the perfect post sun or beach mask. The Aloe is totally calming and is blended with chamomile and black tea (scientifically proven to soothe irritated skin and sunburns), as well as aloe barbadaneis leaf. The sheets don’t have a particular scent, so they’re hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Plus, the sheet is made with 100% organic cotton. You will notice that the sheets have a slight stickiness to them. Don’t be bothered. This will help your skin absorb the powerful natural ingredients, leaving your complexion nice and dewy.

Aqua Tank Hydro Plus Water-Full Mask

We all know the best way to maintain youthful skin is through moisture. This hydro water mask delivers intense hydration to help promote younger looking skin. It’s also firming your face with marine collage and hyaluronic acid. The heavenly combo creates a fresh-faced glow that makes you look and feel younger. All skin types should feel good about using this mask. Those with dry skin will find their face feeling refreshed and smooth, while those with oily skin will notice a more balanced complexion free of unwanted shine or grease. It’s safe to say that we’ve hit the jackpot with this baby.And don’t forget to read my detailed tutorial on that 100% authentic 10-step Korean skincare routine.

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