SITG Review: The Best Anti-Aging Cleanser

SITG Review: The Best Anti-Aging Cleanser

01.23.2017    |    
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I have never been super into facial cleaners. For whatever reason, they have always taken a backseat too some of my more prominent skincare selections, like serum or eye cream, for example.

Last fall, I attended a press preview at Shen Beauty in Brooklyn with Jessica Richards, where she introduced me to the founder of 001. London.The buzzy, rather newish skincare line combines the aesthetic benefits of nature with the power of technology — a balance only the truly innovative brands can strike. Of course, I was beyond excited to get to know the line, especially because I’d heard so much about one their magical Exfoliating and Conditioning Cleanser.

This gel cleanser contains Lactic Acid & Salicylic Acid which not only exfoliates the skin, but legit changes the texture of your complexion. Whenever I use it, I truly feel like I am fighting the aging process. After I pat my skin dry, it leaves my face glowing, plump and calmed. Admittedly, this isn’t the cleanser I’d use to remove a full face of makeup, because it’s so light and delicate, foaming only slightly in water. But since I don’t wear lots of makeup, this gentle-but-mighty gem is my new obsession.

Top image, Irving Penn for Vogue, 2002.

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