Christian Louboutin at Cushnie et Ochs

Christian Louboutin at Cushnie et Ochs

09.08.2014    |    
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Christian Louboutin Nails strikes again (I mean, did you see Peter Som?) and this time at Cushnie Et Ochs! I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Christian Louboutin, sky-high heels god, has recently ventured into beauty – the nail arena to be exact.

Ironically enough, nail polish helped Christian Louboutin come up with the signature crimson sole of his shoes back in the good ol’ 90’s. When he was working on an early prototype, he felt something was off, and tried painting the sole of the shoe with his assistant’s red nail polish to spice things up.

There are 31 colors in the collection, all inspired by iconic Louboutin shoes and grouped in three families of 10: The Pops, The Noirs and The Nudes. They’re all amazing.

Madeline Poole, editorial manicurist who is known as much for her manicures as for her personal style, created the pinkie look, taken from The Nude collection, this afternoon. Like JINsoon at Tess Giberson, Madeline was inspired by the collection and the eye makeup, which was this super dramatic and harsh black swooshed cat eye.

She choose Tres Decollete, a sheer pink and applied two coats to the nail. To add a bit of excitement to the typical pale pink mani, she added a similar “swoosh” of gold, using Nars 3.1 Phillip Lim Gold Viper and a Nail Precision Brush from Sephora, to the top of the nail, where the nail meets the cuticle. “The gold piping helps pickup the light here and there. We wanted to do some kind of exciting detail, and we didn’t want to use black or white, because it would have been too harsh. Gold was the obvious choice. The clothing is very curvy and the line was indented to compliment the collection and accentuate the nail the way that the clothes accentuate the body. The line also mimics the shape of the eye makeup.”

Well, I’m definitely not going to wait until Spring to rock this beautiful nail design and you shouldn’t either. Get your hands on Christian Louboutin Beauté’s Tres Decollete from The Nudes collection.

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