Glow Green this Summer at CAP Beauty

Glow Green this Summer at CAP Beauty

05.15.2015    |    
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The idea of an all-natural, eco-conscious beauty store seems so obvious when you think about it, especially in New York City where anything is possible. Amazed that there was no single destination to shop the newest and most amazing beauty brands in the city, Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy Deprima Morisse joined forces and opened CAP Beauty, their cute and ultra chic boutique in January. The two have been friends for almost 20 years and are both veterans of the world of style and magazine editorial. It’s clear their backgrounds inspired the wonderfully aesthetic CAP Beauty experience. I’ve been to the store a few times now, and it’s like a clubhouse for the cool and modern girl. You walk in and feel instantly blissed out. There are events there practically every day, like guided meditations, pop-ins from brand founders like Amanda Chantal Bacon (of Moon Juice) and May Lindstrom, and even classes like, ‘Yogic Beauty Secrets.’ They carry only the best of the natural brand set, stocking old favorites like Rahua, RMS Beauty and Indi Lee, and many new additions like Vintner’s Daughter, Dr. Singha and Butter Elixir. In the back of their perfectly curated store are treatment rooms with an edited menu of facial treatments, massage therapies (even for your baby!) and even acupuncture.

Last week I challenged myself to find 5 new products I could incorporate into my  beauty routine. As you know, I’m already familiar with Tata Harper and One Love Organics, but I wanted to further explore the world of all natural beauty to find some of the more hidden gems. At CAP Beauty, the motto is ‘wellness is beauty, beauty is wellness,’ which totally inspired me to try and discover new beauty products this summer to add to my green leaning beauty routine.

These are my five new favorite synthetic free and super effective beauty products that are must haves for clean and radiant summer skin.

1. Dr. Singh Mustard Bath – For the ultimate old school detox, buy this well priced bath powder, and sweat your sins away. Renowned for its stimulating, rejuvenating and cleansing qualities this bath powder totally uplifts and restores. It even opens up your pores to detoxify the body. Soak your way to bliss!

2. W3ll People Bio Brightening Stick – Finally an alternative luminizer to my daily go-to RMS Living Luminizer. I love the color of this creamy and deliciously aromatic makeup. The packaging is nice and convenient too, making it perfect for on the go application.

3. The Captivator – Dear lord. This is my new obsession. Want to know the real secret to lasting beauty? Love! The intoxicating scents of Sandalwood, Neroli and Clary Sage transport you to a magical and euphoric land through the scent of flowers while Gardenia, Crown Flower and Lotus work on an energetic level to promote love from within. Spray it all over you and your bed at night.

4. Honey Girl Rejuvenating Mask – This deep green mask with its sticky sweet texture, delicate scent and earth-born powerful actives is exactly the kind of product that makes me so madly in love with natural beauty. It’s made with French green clay, which is renowned for its unique mineral composition and detoxifying properties. Add to that the gifts of the hive (in this case, raw Pupukea honey, royal jelly and propolis) and this gorgeous mask becomes a major anti-aging force, enhancing collagen production and hydrating and softening the skin. This is perfect as a pre or post party treatment.

5. Urban Moonshine Original Bitters – When sugar cravings strike and or our digestive system needs a hand, we should all turn to Urban Moonshine Bitters. I’m not kidding, girls, this stuff really works! It curbs sugar cravings, soothes digestion and even promotes clear skin.

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