Bye Bye Lotion, Hello Body Serum: THIS is the Secret to Younger Skin
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Bye Bye Lotion, Hello Body Serum: THIS is the Secret to Younger Skin

04.06.2015    |    
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Just when you were getting used to that body lotion or that jar of coconut oil, the beauty world created something else that’s even better – the body serumYes, girls, the latest and trendiest launch from many skincare brands is specifically geared towards nourishing the body with active ingredients – ingredients that are more powerful than those allowed in the average lotion, cream, or oil. 

Need a little refresher course on what exactly a serum is? You can read all about my favorite face serums here, but just so we are all on the same page, this is the deal: Serums are more concentrated and packed with active molecule changing ingredients, and are able to penetrate deeper into the skin than lotions and creams. Serums also target specific problems such as acne, redness, fine lines, sunspots, etc. They are also lighter than lotions, making them an excellent choice for spring and summer use. Most are even water-based, making them ideal for shiny-proned skin.

And just like facial serums, they can even be layered under your favorite lotion, cream or coconut oil for a major one-two punch. This, of course, is for the skin psychopaths like me.

Now take a look at the skin on your body. Is there something you are concerned about? Dark spots, sun damage, or dullness? Well this is precisely what a serum can fix. It’s super important to care for our body the same way we do our face. Just as signs of age show up on our face, it will start to show on our body, and the sooner we start to serumize our skin (yes I just created this word), the more we can delay and even prevent unwanted signs of aging…because that’s the goal right?

These are the 3 most functional and noteworthy serums out there that I plan on using starting NOW, sometimes alone and sometimes under my lotion. I mean, why wouldn’t I want to look better and younger?

Easiest application and best bang for your buck: 

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Body Serum – With each spritz, this antioxidant-filled serum nourishes and promotes firmer skin. The spray bottle application makes the process almost too easy. 

For those who like retinol (I love my retinol eye serum): 

Rodial Cougar Skin Zero Gravity Body Serum – This retinol-based serum tightens and tones, speeding cell turnover to smooth lines and wrinkles, while evening skin tone and discoloration. It’s helps to seriously improve the look and feel of skin texture for a firmer and more youthful appearance.

For repairing and replenishing post-winter skin:

Kahina Body Serum – This baby is packed full of wonderful oils like 100% pure Argan and coconut. The smell in intoxicating and exotic, a mixture of spicy, floral and musky. It’s rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to seriously moisturize and revitalize dry skin.

Interested in my favorite face serums? Read about all of them here.

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