BITE Beauty Lip Lab

BITE Beauty Lip Lab

11.11.2013    |    
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Get ready girls, because BITE Beauty Lip Lab has re-opened. Originally a pop-up shop, the custom lipstick store (um, wait, wait?) is now a permanent fixture in Soho, where customers can create one of a kind lipsticks based on, well…anything. Bring iPhone images, discontinued shades, pictures, clothing inspiration or simply, you. Imagine creating a lipstick especially for a big event or based around a dress or even as a bride to be?

I arrived at noon on Saturday afternoon, and waited only a few minutes for a friendly lipstick technician, Stephanie, to begin. I sat opposite from her, in front a large mirror surrounded by an assortment of colored pots. I explained that I wanted to create two colors. The first, I wanted to recreate my favorite, yet long discontinued bubblegum pink, Lancome Proenza Pink. The second, I wanted a “vampy grape-colored shade that would be bold and of the season, yet still totally flattering without going goth, AND that would make my green eyes pop.” Too specific?

Beginning with an iPhone image of my long lost Proenza Pink (pictured above), Stephanie (who moonlights as a makeup artist, of course) choose three different colors. Using a rounded knife, she carefully measured varying amounts of each of the colors, and after just a few mixes, and many double-takes back onto my iPhone, she was ready for me to test the color. Handing me a lipstick brush, I applied the color on my lips. We both agreed it wasn’t “white” enough. A bit more white was added, and I tested the color again. It was perfect, and exactly what I remembered.

For my dark creation, Stephanie and I worked together to choose colors that we both liked. My final request? Something that “I would be obsessed with.” After mixing and matching, I had found my color. I even walked outside with the handheld mirror to double-check how the color looked in natural light and was totally blown away.

And if the color wasn’t enough, you are able to pick the finish of your unique color – you have the choice between sheer, matte, crème/crème deluxe, or matte finish that contains Japanese silk powders (my choice). The final step is the option to add a scent. I added “mixed berry” to the dark lipstick and left the Proenza scentless. From this point on, it took 10 minutes to create my lipsticks. I mean…wow.

Starting at just $36, this is quite the deal. Oh and if you don’t live in New York City, the store also takes e-mail requests at! Boom. 

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