Breaking Beauty News: French Skincare Line Created to Counteract the Effects of Partying…OM*G!

Breaking Beauty News: French Skincare Line Created to Counteract the Effects of Partying…OM*G!

03.19.2015    |    
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Hold the phone, cult-status Parisian organic skincare brand BioRecept, that was originally formulated to counteract the skin issues of French models that smoked, has finally landed in the US. I couldn’t be more thrilled. This super under-the radar (but not for long) skincare wonder is being sold exclusively at Ayla Beauty, the non-toxic and carefully curated online beauty destination. It’s only a matter of time before editors begin buzzing over this obsession-worthy brand.

Here’s a bit of history on the brand:

BioRecept is the creation of French pharmacist and researcher Anne Dupouy-Camet, who has been in the beauty biz since 1985! Her children modeled (one of them still does), and she observed that most models smoked. Well, duh and it makes sense: It helps them maintain energy levels and manage their weight, both important elements in the modeling world. But she noticed that many of the females, in particular, looked as though they had the complexion of someone 20 years their senior. Yikes!

She decided to study smokers’ skin specifically, finding out all there is to know about  the negative effects of the lifestyle on the skin:

  • Oily t-zones (nicotine stimulates the production of sebum)
  • Redness and dry patches (due to the pollutants in smoke)
  • Thicker skin (as with sun exposure, skin repeatedly exposed to the pollutants in smoke becomes thicker as a defense mechanism)
  • General aging (pouting lips to hold a cigarette leads to lines around the mouth; repeated heat destroys collagen in the skin; skin becomes lacking in oxygen)

So she assembled a team to research resources that could counteract the effects of smoking and the hard partying life. In her view, if a product can do well on smokers’ skin, it’s likely to work for people who are suffering from just a few of these problems, too. So whether you are a smoker or not, these products are for YOU!

Yes, you heard me correctly. BioRecept aims to eradicate that tired, grey look that comes from late nights, booze and cigarettes. Hyaluronic acid is the star ingredient, which is also an ingredient in Restylane and Juvéderm fillers. There are three moisturizers, and each targets specific concerns and boast a hefty amount of hyaluronic acid to boost collagen production. Bouclier Bio, for example, contains aloe vera, jojoba and shea butter and works as a great makeup base. It seems to achieve the impossible, making skin feel nourished and protected, but still able to breathe.

There are also products designed for nighttime use, like BioStrata, which contains short-chain hyaluronic acid, which has a significant effect on aging (it really boosts the production of collagen and elastin). They also feature synergistic effects with Vitamin A-like ingredients (without the related irritation) to enhance cell turnover and unclog “polluted” pores.

This small but seriously impactful line is available for pre-order, shipping April 6th, and just in time for summer.  Trust me, girls, this is the real thing.

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