SITG Review: The Best Brow Pencil

SITG Review: The Best Brow Pencil

01.16.2017    |    
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When your LA beauty BFF gives you a solid recommendation, you have to pay attention. While visiting New York for our mutual friend’s baby shower (more to come on that soon!), Taylor (above) told me about a brow tool that, she claims, is the best she’s ever used. As a fellow brow devotee, I knew her tip was going to be GOOD.

She went on to gush about Surratt Beauty’s Expressionist Brow Pencil, a product she found after chatting with the brow queen herself, Kristie Streicher. In fact, it’s what Kristie recommends to her own clients. (Side note, I am dying to make my way out of LA to see her). So I did my research. The product has been on the market for a bit, but is still somewhat under the radar. But those who have given it a go (ahem, The Cut editors), are obsessed. I tried it immediately.

The verdict? My girlfriend was NOT kidding. The architect-inspired brow pencil builds up arches and fills in all the the holes of your brows with crazy precision. It made my brows look fuller and more natural (which is not always the case with pencils). You can truly create that feathered brow look everyone is dying to get with this baby.

So, how is it SO good? Surratt Beauty is dedicated to the Japanese tradition of minimal elegance and the space-saving packaging is designed to be lightweight and secure — so it’s tech-savy AND recyclable. It’s not the cheapest thing, but it’s made to be refilled, so you only need to buy refills next time. Pretty cool, right?

It’s time you FINALLY got those LA-cool-girl brows. What are you waiting for?!

Side note: Prior to our friend’s baby shower, Taylor and I treated ourselves to a little brow rehab from my girl Nicky Cayot who is based in New York.

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