The Best Eyeliner Ever...for Today, Tomorrow, Forever
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The Best Eyeliner Ever...for Today, Tomorrow, Forever

10.01.2014    |    
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Upon serious recommendation from friend and glow girl Sarah Hoover, I tested out Benefit’s spray tanning down in Soho. Not only does this place give the world’s best sprays, they also have one of the best and most innovative makeup products on the market—They’re Real Push-Up liner. This baby was unsurprisingly featured in the October issue of Allure’s “Best of Beauty” in the “Big Breakthrough” section, and is officially my new obsession. I already knew I might fall in love, because they already NAIL it in the eye department, creating one of the best mascaras on the market: They’re Real Mascara.

If there is one thing I have learned backstage it’s that makeup artists heavily favor gel formulas over everything else. Gel liner application is tough, though, if you’re not a downright pro. When compared to the classic pencil, gel liners seem much more involved, as they normally come in two parts, the pot and the brush. But if you’re a gel liner fan, you know gels tend to last longer and deliver bold results.

Benefit was determined to marry the convenience and ease of a liner pencil with the dense color delivery, perfect finish and longer wear time of a gel. Five years later, they found a way to cram gel into the barrel of a rubber tipped pen to make applying a gel actually foolproof. I’m not kidding.

The gel is dispensed upon a single click motion that releases the perfect amount of color. The combination of the latex-free rubber nib and the jet-black gel formula give just enough drag to keep your hand steady. The best part is that you are easily able to line deep inside the lash line right at the root of the lashes.

If this product doesn’t solve all of your eyeliner issues, I don’t know what will. Go grab this immediately, girls!

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