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This week I am obsessing over one thing: Becca Beach Tint.

This glorious, dual-purpose miracle-worker was my best friend on my recent mini vaca in Seal Harbor, Maine. The vibe here is totally chill, preppy, all natural and virtually makeup free. Think stripes, boat shoes, cozy cashmere sweaters and bright baseball caps. Too cute, right? My two adorable friends and I filled our days boating across deep dark blue waters, clear as glass, dodging neon lobster pods, spotting baby porpoises and stopping to peek at the little islands filled with seals basking in the sun. Maine is a magical land filled with green forest that comes right down to the rocky filled beaches. The homes along the coastline were so unique, each one cuter and cuter. The boats we passed along the way are all so beautiful and vintage looking. The water is cold as ice, but so beautiful and clean and clear. We walk thought some of the most beautiful gardens and hike to the most insane views. The sunrise and sunsets are spectacular and mind-blowing, and some of the most unique that I have ever seen. I am fully aware that I am currently in the northernmost part of the US, I almost feel like I am somewhere along the Mediterranean Spanish coast. Yes – it is this beautiful.

OK, so I am not the most outdoorsy girl in the world. In fact, I prefer “glamping,” (a term that I amazingly learning this weekend that means camping in style) as opposed to camping. That being said, I am certainly down for a hardcore hike, and love boating, sailing, paddle boarding, and anything that has to do with burning off the massive marshmallow consumption. Being so one with nature has made my think about my beauty routine. Maine has inspired me to keep the important essentials, saving the complicated stuff for when I find myself back in the hustle and bustle of nyc.

The point is that with all of Maine’s wondrous natural beauty right outside my door, did I really want to spend more than five minutes in front of the mirror beautifying? No. This is precisely why I love Becca Beach Tint (try Lychee and Grapefruit). It helped me get my look quickly and efficiently, leaving the rest of the day to enjoying my surroundings. A little color is all I need. You can apply the product to your cheek and a little on your lips and it stays all day. All I needed to add was a little gloss, concealer and eyebrow pencil and I was off to fill myself with lobster, taffy, and homemade cherry pie and coconut ice cream.

Juice cleanse? Starts tomorrow. Post on my top multi-functioning travel beauty essentials? Coming up!

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