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One takeaway from this past Memorial Day weekend spent out on Long Island’s Montauk…is that a carefree, low-maintenance, go-with-the-flow kind of attitude is the only kind – to not only making the most of an intense weather situation (hello, I survived freezing cold rain and heavy winds) but the KEY to having the best time…ever. Normally, when it comes to Hampton evening attire, I stick to some sort of wedge situation, strictly for the purpose of adding height to my 5’5 frame. But the insane weather called for drastic measures and as a practical matter, I opted to wear my trusty worn-in white converse sneakers for a Friday night out…and to these classic sneaks, I owe the fact that I was able to get crazy and dance for maybe 4 hours – straight (indoors, of course).

SO, this same mantra applies to one’s evening handbag beauty essentials – i.e., what you pack in your bag for a night out. Its summer and therefore its time to dial it down. First, you are going to look lame trucking around a huge “city” bag filled with your beauty gear, and secondly, its totally hot, so keep your look clean and light. Once the humidity and real heat kicks in, a face full of makeup is only going to look greasy – not glowy! This is where it all comes back to my skincare philosophy of working on perfect, luminous skin, so that you can leave your face free to shine on its own. Well……..almost.

This is my roundup of summer handbag beauty essentials:

ByTerry Touche Veloutee Concealer  – because this is the best concealer ever. Its super light and airy and perfect for summer, and you can apply in the bathroom if you need a little refresher under your eyes and around the corners of your nose.

RSM Living Luminizer – latest obsession. This dewy highlighter is lovely just about everywhere, but especially on the eyelids, cheekbones, cupid’s bow and the collarbones.

Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in Nior or Nars Larger than Life Long-wear Eyeliner in Purple – when its super hot, I like to line the inside of my eyes as well as the outer corners. I don’t like to “over line,” otherwise it melts when things get really crazy (dance party).

Kevin Aucoin Creamy Moist Glow, Liquidfuchsia – as I have mentioned before, this is the BEST cream blush and I truly can’t get enough.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir – OK, so everyone needs to buy the mini 1 oz. version of this insanely amazing French find that provides an instant burst of radiance. Part toner, part serum, I spritz this over my entire face for a total “pick-me-up,” and instantly my entire complexion is revitalized.

Benefit Eye Bright – I will pop this down the bridge of my nose and on the inner and outer corners of my eyes.

Jouer Lip Definer in Natural – I use my good ole’ lipliner on the far outer edges of my lips to make my lips appear fuller and plumper.

Oribe Texturizing Spray – this 2.2 oz. invisible dry-shampoo is fab-u-losity, for volume, texture and a little hair revamp on the go!

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