The Barre Class that totally Whips you into Shape

The Barre Class that totally Whips you into Shape

12.31.2015    |    
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Curious to hear my New Year’s resolution? It’s simple, but significant…

This year, I want to make time for more exercise. I’m getting married in the fall, so that’s serving up some major motivation. But I also want to get active to simply feel better overall, for myself. In addition to upping my workouts, I want to give my body a break from coffee, alcohol and sugars, so I’m planning on cleansing to jumpstart my new healthy habits (more on that coming soon!). And oh, I desperately want to drink more water.

To help me stay on track, I’m taking the barre3 Challenge. I’ve been going to their classes for a little over year and I am totally addicted. I have tried many other barre classes in the past (because it’s a huge thing here in New York), but Barre3 is by far my favorite. The good news is, you don’t have to live near a local barre3 studio to participate in this challenge. It’s all online.

Barre3 is a mix of ballet, barre, yoga and Pilates. It gives you long and lean muscles (think ballerina, not boxer) and doesn’t have any of those weird side effects like big calves (sorry, SoulCycle). It’s easy enough to do every day, but effective enough to see real changes. I am always sore afterwards, which I love because I know I am really working. I never dread going to the class because the music is so good and the time flies by. I also like the community there. All the people who work at barre3 are SO nice and welcoming and the instructors are extremely helpful. They are all former dancers, so they are super fit and in-the-know.

Now, back to the Challenge. Here’s what you need to know. Every week from January 4th – 31st, you’ll take four classes, do one 10-minute online workout and try at least one, if not more, delicious barre3 recipe. It’s that easy. The challenge also includes tons of support from the founder of barre3, Sadie Lincoln, with weekly podcasts, live Q+A sessions (the first one’s happening at 5pm PT on Monday 1/4!) and more.

All challenge workouts, recipes, podcasts, and educational materials will be available to challengers on an exclusive website, which launches January 1. If you join the Challenge before the 1st, you’ll still be able to get familiar with barre3 though because you’ll get immediate access to hundreds of body-shaping barre online workouts, super easy and yummy recipes, and more.

Are you ready to get started? All you need to do is subscribe to barre3 online for as low at $10 a month. At checkout, be sure to enter the promo code b3shesintheglow to be entered into a sweepstakes to win 6 months free barre3 online + barre3 props to support a strong practice. Visit here to learn even more about the Challenge.

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