Armani Lip Maestro

Armani Lip Maestro

08.06.2014    |    
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You already know I’m all about getting the most out of as little time possible when it comes to my beauty routine. Lip color is one of my favorite ways to bring a look together, mainly because it’s so damn easy. A few strokes of the right hue (checkout the ultimate Midsummer Lip Guide here) on your pout can totally transform your look and amp up the glamour in seconds. But at the same time, lipsticks and lip glosses can be messy and annoying if the texture or consistency isn’t just right. Well, that problem is solved for effing good with Armani’s Lip Maestro. It’s the perfect (and I mean PERRRRRFECT) line of lip color that works with every skin tone. You apply it like gloss but it’s actually a matte cream lipstick with the most intense and radiant color I’ve ever seen come out of a tube.

The best part is it actually enhances the shape of your lips and makes them look so plump and full my friends always think I’ve gotten injections, but it’s just the Lip Maestro! It wears so comfortably and the texture is creamy and amazing and not the least bit sticky. And if you’re like me and hate having to do touch ups all day, do not fret, because the Lip Maestro leaves a gorgeous stain on your pucker hours after the initial application. I’ve already collected five different shades from a neutral dusty rose to the brightest electric pink (#504 Ecstasy), but my favorite is definitely the classic deep red (#402 Chinese Lacquer). It’s honestly the best lip color/consistency combo I’ve ever found. I’m ready to start a petition asking Armani to make 100 more colors. Try them for yourself and I know you girls will be with me!

Photo and article by Marisa Kronenberg.

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