3 Plant-Based Elixirs to Sip for Radiant Skin
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3 Plant-Based Elixirs to Sip for Radiant Skin

06.24.2015    |    
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When it comes to our skin, we all pretty much want the same thing: a clear, glowing complexion that looks great naturally without layers and layers of makeup. And while slathering on serums and creams can definitely help get you there, a new genre of sippable skincare elixirs wants to prove that what you put in your body can have serious beautifying impact. These plant-based beauty blends come in powder form and are made with targeted ingredients like collagen-boosting herbs, skin-clearing probiotics, and vitamin-rich antioxidant fruit.

Taking the beauty world by storm, these new drinkable creations promote beauty through wellness. Cindy DiPrima of New York City’s natural beauty oasis CAP Beauty sums it up perfectly: “Real beauty starts from within. Superfoods and beauty powders are so vital for helping us reach a state of true wellness and true beauty.” So mix these three beautifying powders with water, add them to your morning juice, or blend them into your post-workout smoothie, and get ready to glow.

Moon Juice Beauty Dust, $65 (makes 25 servings)

Don’t be fooled by the adorable packaging. This is a heavy-hitting, holistic concoction of pearl, goji, and Shisandra berry formulated by renowned Chinese Herbalist, Ramania Dean Thomas for the white-hot Los Angeles brand Moon Juice. “I swear by this for the shiniest hair, the most glowing complexion, and strongest nails,” explains Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal-Bacon. It also happens to help calm nerves (and you know stress can prematurely age your skin), increase collagen, tone and firm the skin, and even fortify your skin cells.

Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Powder, $59.95 (makes 30 servings)

You know all those probiotics you take as supplements, or try to get in your food to fend off inflammation? Your skin loves them, too, since gut health is the cornerstone of great skin. And with this mega-blend of twenty-three superfoods, it can get a huge probiotic push in one fermented, berry-flavored glass. “I’ve been fermenting food for years,” says the Australian-based founder of The Beauty Chef, Carla Oates, who wanted to share their many amazing skin benefits via her high-quality quaffable powder. Each serving is also impressively packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids found in fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. “We carefully select natural and certified organic skin-nourishing ingredients for a healthy glow,” says Oates, whose own skin will make you a believer. Did I mention this stuff tastes great?!

Neal’s Yard Organic Berry Complex, $35 (makes 20 servings; launching in August in the US)

Neal’s Yard Remedies, one of the U.K.’s pioneers in natural beauty, makes this new superfood-filled elixir that promises to fight inflammation and deliver a heaping dose of skin-perfecting antioxidants. The ten-ingredient blend, which we got to try though it hasn’t debuted stateside yet, is like a superfood salad bar for your skin, serving up healthy (and yummy) ingredients like collagen-producing acerola, oxygenating pomegranate, and cleansing apple, as well as goji, blackcurrant, and pepper. Neal’s Yard head herbalist Tipper Lewis says, “It’s bursting with crucial ingredients to help us achieve healthy skin,” adding that it plumps the skin without making you go anywhere near a needle. Cheers to that.

This story was originally written for Well + Good by me, Annie Atkinson.

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